Monday, September 30, 2013

Bits and Pieces: September

Clare and I are taking an ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) class through the St. Paul Public Schools. We've only been to two classes, but I think it is going to be great. We are together for some of the class, and then separate and the parents (all moms) get together to discuss parenting issues, while the kiddos play in the classroom. Clare LOVES it. She talks about it for days afterward. And when we had to miss the second class because Clare had a fever, she was absolutely distraught. (She is over it.) There are two moms in the class who have new babies (and toddlers). Everyone seems friendly. I am excited to have this outlet, even though it is just once a week.

Last week, we talked a bit about what it is like to bring a second child in the home. A few of the women mentioned feeling guilty and anxious before the baby was born, and some of them even said they didn't like their older children some days after the baby came home. I hope I don't feel that way, and I know others who don't. I do feel anxious and guilty, though. I am nervous about leaving Clare to go to the hospital, even though I know she won't remember any of it. And probably once I am in labor I won't care. I'll be a bit distracted, after all.  Anyway, I am excited to have another source of support and opinions and advice.


Over the past few months Clare and I have developed a routine - we have an activity every day. The park, story time at the library, ECFE. Clare loves the park, and when the weather turns we will go to an indoor playtime offered by St. Paul Parks and Recreation. We are also going to get a membership to the Minnesota Zoo. If anyone has any other ideas for indoor winter activities, I am all ears. Right now the park is my saving grace.


A few weeks ago, the church next door to our house had a big fair. (Next year I will be hitting the beer and Bloody Mary stands. A few of our neighbors even fair pre-parties.) The Gravitron was right next to our house. I feel nauseous just looking at that ride, but I loved it when I was younger. I thought about going on the Zipper to see if it would induce labor, but decided that probably wouldn't be a good idea. Clare really wanted to go on one of the rides - a train where each car had steering wheels. We let her go on it by herself, and I was really nervous that she was going to be upset that she was by herself. She wasn't. She loved it. She went on it again the next day, and since she was the only one on the ride and there wasn't anyone in line, the ride operator let her go around about 20 times. She is still not what I would call a daredevil, but she is definitely becoming braver every day.

Posing in front of the Merry Go Round. (She insisted on wearing her water shoes.)

Driving her purple car.
Sick girl, passed out on the couch after sobbing about missing school.
At the lock and dam on the Mississippi. She loves the river, and really enjoyed this outing with Daddy this past weekend. Mommy stayed home and relaxed on the couch.


  1. We had a membership at the Children's Museum - tons of fun for the kiddos. We let it lapse this year, since Maisy's a bit too small for it, but next winter we'll get it again! So, you could get it if Ben wants to take Clare on his own while you stay home with the new babe? (There's also a nursing room though, if you all want to go together.) It's nice to have the membership so you can go for just an hour and not feel like you have to spend the whole day to make it "worth" the price.

    Any day now!

  2. During days off in the winter we've been known to go to Maplewood Mall, get a pretzel from Auntie Anne's (and maybe an iced latte from Caribou for Mom), ride on the carousel, and—when I'm feeling really generous—play video games in the little "arcade" on the upper level. The mall also has a ((germy)) little indoor play area, next to the food court. My kids loved it when they were little, but make sure to bring hand sanitizer.