Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Little Sister Got Married

This is how tired I was after celebrating at my sister's wedding last weekend: On Monday night, I pulled out the dental floss I was going to use, and then chucked the entire container into the toilet.  I don't know why. This sent me into a fit of hysterical laughter, and I couldn't calm down for several minutes. Ben looked at me like I was a crazy person. Which I am.
The wedding was wonderful. Katie looked beautiful and everything was perfect, despite the flower girl insisting that "the wedding is messed up" when we weren't immediately lined up in the correct order to walk down the aisle.  Clare slept through the whole ceremony, which was a relief. Some other kids were loud, but at least they weren't mine. She did cry through my toast at the reception, though. I tried not to take it personally.

I am so happy to have my new brother-in-law as part of our family. He is a great guy, and perfect for Katie. I really lucked out with my siblings-in-law. We all get along, which is wonderful.

I was going through my photos, and realized I don't have any of the ceremony, and hardly any of Katie and Andrew at the reception. I guess we'll have to wait for the professional photos for that.

Clare at the end of the rehearsal dinner. She had enough. But aren't her tights fabulous?

The Bride and the Chief Bridesmaid, after our hair appointments and a mimosa or two.
Par-Tay Bus! We took pictures at the Capitol and then drove around and drank Miller Lite. Ah, Wisconsin.
The Bride and Groom with my grandparents, who have been married for 66 years. The band asked them what their secret to a long, happy marriage is. My grandpa: "Don't talk."

The Newlywed game with shoes. They got 6 out of 6 correct. Katie's dress was gorgeous, I'll post a better picture when I get one.

Hmmmm...I see someone got a hold of my camera.
Bed time for Clare. Ben was so sweet - he took Clare up to our room and let me stay and celebrate with my family. I danced and danced, and then spent a half hour pulling bobby pins out of my hair. It was great.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Last week I took my dress for my sister's upcoming wedding to a tailor in Janesville. Clare was along for the ride, and after a minor meltdown in the car (by Clare, not me), we managed to make it inside the shop. The tailor and I discussed whether or not I would be able to nurse in the dress (not). She glanced  at Clare. "Oh, will he take a bottle?" She asked. "She will," I said.

"Oh, you're a girl! Your mommy needs to dress you in more pink!"

Um, no. Now, don't get me wrong, I like pink. And Clare has lots of pink, girly outfits that I am happy to dress her in. I didn't say anything in response to that comment, but I was thinking to myself, "Lady, you need to change your world view."

I am probably guilty of making many of the same assumptions, and this is not the first time someone has thought Clare was a boy. And I don't really care about that, because really, at this age, you can't tell. It just bugs me that little boys can wear red, blue, yellow, green, and brown, and everyone will assume they're a boy. But if a little girl wears anything but pink, people assume she is a boy.

I know this is not a big deal, but it seems like even for a 3-month-old, it is a man's world.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Yoop

Clare is excited to stay in her first hotel room.

I wanted to post these pictures last week, but housework, work-work, and this whole taking care of a 3-month-old thing kind of got in the way. Over Labor Day weekend, we attended the wedding of a lifelong friend in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Clare got to visit her third state (after Wisconsin and Minnesota), and we got to have our first family vacation.

We stayed at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, near Copper Harbor, MI. I love the smell of pine in the north, and when we stepped out of the car in Michigan we were hit with that wonderful sent. The day of the wedding was sunny and warm. Clare had to be taken away from the wedding due to crying. Hopefully she will not repeat that performance during Aunt Katie's wedding in a few weeks!

On Sunday, we went on a scenic drive with views of Lake Superior, saw the start of a mountain bike race, and ate pasties. It was a fun trip, except for our incredibly loud and drunken neighbors. We didn't get much sleep. Clare did great on the 8 hour car trip, even when her parents' discovered they couldn't follow simple directions and ended up driving the wrong way. On the bright side, we drove home through Green Bay and I got to see Lambeau Field in person for the first time. Just driving by on the Interstate, but still, there it was. On to the pictures!

Her majesty sleeps while her parents scramble to get ready on the morning of the wedding.

The view from our hotel room in Hancock, Michigan.
Clare and Daddy and a beautiful sunset. Of course, this picture does not do the sunset justice.

The beautiful bride and me. We have known each other since we were 3 years old.

Yeah, the weather was not so nice the next day. Clare did not like the wind.

Lake Superior. Brrrrr....

Grandma Jo, Daddy and Clare waiting for our pasties.

Clare lounges by the fire in Grandma and Grandpa's cabin at the end of the day. The rest of us drank wine.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Three Months

Last month I wrote that Clare was very stingy with her smiles. That is no longer the case. This morning, she was giving Dad a huge smile. And then she gave the wall a huge smile. She especially loves people with glasses or facial hair, so Grandpa Steve is a big hit. (He has a very thick, bushy mustache. And glasses. Obviously.)

This has been a big month for Clare. She went to two new states (Minnesota and Michigan). She met lots of future friends and current family members. She went to the Minnesota State Fair. She was Baptized. She attended her first Brewers game. She was at part of her first wedding (until she cried and had to be taken away by Daddy). And she started daycare.  She has been there twice - so far, so good. Tomorrow will be her longest day there yet, because Ben can't pick her up so she will have to wait until I can get her after work (!).

Clare is getting better and better at holding up her head. She still hates tummy time, but is willing to try to pick up her head for a few minutes to humor me. She is trying out many new voices, and likes to be able to see the world around her. Her favorite color seems to be green.

Last night, she sat on her Grandpa Ralph's lap during dinner. She could see me down the table, and started to get whiny. She was hungry. I kept eating and she kept looking at me and whining. I love that she knows where her food comes from. She perks up every time she hears my voice. Of course, like I said before, she smiles at the wall, but I still like to feel special.

This month brings big changes for me, too. I started back to work yesterday. When I first got there, it felt like I'd been gone forever. Then, I sat at my desk and logged into my computer and I felt like I'd blinked and the summer was over. I am only back part time, so I am off again today.

The weather has changed to fall, so now I am worrying about Clare having enough warm clothes. I think another day of shopping is in order! It is hard to know how much to buy in each size, because she is growing like a weed.  She doesn't go back to the doctor until next month, so I'll have updated statistics then! Now, back to laundry. I am not at work, but I am certainly working all day.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Edited to add: CAPTIONS!

At Concert on the Square in Madison.

Yummy, brats are good!

Very interested in the Brewer game.

Clare at her Baptism, with Godmother Aunt Katie.

Happy Clare in her Baptismal gown.

With Aunt Katie - Uncle Robby is there, too.

Clare is very excited to be at her first zoo.

Clare staring in dismay at the empty ice cream cup. "But I didn't get any!"
Sporting her Gopher's shirt during her first trip to the Minnesota State Fair.

With Daddy at the Fair. She did pretty well at the Fair - at least until the bus ride home.  Then she was pretty mad.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Clare's First Day

It was almost as if she knew it was the night before her first day at daycare. Clare slept the way I always slept the night before my first day of school - fitfully. Each time she woke up, she was happy...just grinning up at me from her crib.

I was less happy. I wanted to practice my morning routine, so I set my alarm for 5:45. After a 3 a.m. feeding, the alarm went off way to soon. I got ready, but when it was time for Clare to wake up, she wasn't having it. I think she will be a difficult one to get up for school someday.

I took her to daycare, where we met Annette, one of the teachers in her room. She showed me around.  I tried to make myself get Clare out of her carseat and leave, but I kept thinking of reasons to stay. More questions, more things to put away. Finally, I handed Clare off. As I left, I saw her grinning up at Annette. Of course, Annette has glasses, one of Clare's favorite things. I cried the whole way home.

I spent the day shopping and spa-ing. And worrying, worrying, worrying. Even at the Spa, I couldn't put my phone down. Luckily, I didn't ruin my nails. (Yet.)

And my toes match!
When I went to pick Clare up, she was busy eating. She looked at me, and kept eating. Annette informed me that Clare was an easy baby. She spent the day smiling at everyone. When she got tired, Annette put her in her crib, and she put herself to sleep. Wait. What? She never does that for me! If she is not all the way out when I put her down, those little eyes pop open and she won't go to sleep until I rock her. (I know, I know - bad habit that I need to correct soon.) Well, I was relieved. I am glad Clare enjoyed her day and wasn't upset to be away from home and Mom.

Then we got home, and I got this:

Life iz hard.
Sigh. And yet - I couldn't be happier. And now I have to go, I hear Clare calling for me, in her adorable "annoyed" voice.