Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The "This is Really Happening" Moment

Last night, I was sitting on the couch watching tv. Ben sat in a nearby chair, flipping through the Baby Bargains book we got from the library. And all of a sudden it hit me. In 3 months, we are going to have an actual, live baby in our house. I mean, I've realized that the whole time, but somehow it just really hit me. Wow. I know I probably sound crazy, but the first two trimester have felt kind of surreal. It felt like the baby was just some vague object and since we had MONTHS until we actually had to deal with it, I didn't think about it except in a sort of abstract way. And now...we have 3 months. With quickly filling Saturdays. I might be starting to panic a little bit. Then, this morning at work, my co-worker asked me if I was ready for the baby to get here. Um, ready? Yeah, try no. They say all you need when the baby is born is a car seat, clothes for it to wear home from the hospital, and a place for it to sleep. We don't have any of those things. We have nothing, except a few random bibs and a Packers sweatshirt that is big enough for a one-year-old. So no. I am not ready. Not ready at all.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 25

Week 25. Almost the end of the second trimester. How can that be? Physically, I am feeling pretty well, other than a sprained muscle in my back and your basic round ligament pain. Emotionally, things are a different story. I am up and down all the time. I am excited to be having a baby, but - ugh. I think part of the problem is the weather. I am always down in February, and having to drive 25 miles on country roads to work does not help. It is so stressful!

But hey - how great are maternity pants? If you've never been pregnant, these are by far the best thing about it. (Other than, you know, the baby. But since the baby is not here yet, I guess the jury is technically still out on that one.) I want to wear them all the time, especially the super comfy lounge pants I got from Target. I think I'll probably still wear them after I am done being pregnant. I can't go back to buttons and zippers now.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Go Pack Go!

Super Bowl Champs!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

We got a huge blizzard here last night. B. drove to work this morning against my wishes, but I decided to stay home rather than risk getting stuck in a ditch and having to wait hours for the strapped emergency workers to pull me out. Of course, I spent the entire morning obsessively watching the weather online (because the cable is out - the one time I wanted to watch TV news. Thanks a lot!) and feeling guilty about whether or not I should go to work. I hardly slept last night, thanks to the weather radio bleating incessant warnings about the interstate being closed, "civil danger warning" blah blah blah. So at 11 I decided to take a nap. Now it is 2:30, and I have decided to stop feeling guilty about not going to work because there is really no point now. So instead of feeling guilty I am mad at myself for wasting the day feeling guilty. UGH! Get a grip, Em!

Anyway, I just drowned my sorrows in a box of macaroni and cheese, which I am sure to regret in an hour or so. I plan to spend the rest of the day watching cooking shows and reading baby books. And being happy that I can use pregnancy as an excuse to stay home.