Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 39

We've had a rough couple of days with Clare and I both suffering from colds, and me suffering from Clare NOT NAPPING. I love her, but if that trend had continued I would be booking her passage to Siberia. I am happy to report, however, that she seems to be back to her regularly scheduled programming. (Knock on all the wood in the universe. Even that in a galaxy far far away.)

I was convinced that the baby was going to be born today. I felt weird and crampy all day yesterday, and could not sleep last night. (Partly because Baby was performing a gymnastics routine for about an hour. I think it stuck multiple landings.) I had contractions every 15 minutes for about an hour, and then fell asleep on the couch while watching Gavin and Stacey on Netflix. When I woke up, the contractions had stopped.

I had an appointment with my midwife today. Not much is happening. Everything is fine with the baby, though, so I guess that is what matters. I have been such a klutz lately, too. I drop everything, which is extra annoying because with my enormous belly, picking whatever I dropped up can be a challenge.

I have been feeling GUILTY, because when don't I, that I have been letting Clare watch too much TV and too many videos on You Tube. I am just not up for doing much. Ben has been a champ with helping around the house, but that makes me feel guilty too, because he works all day and I am at home. I have officially decided, though, that being 39 weeks pregnant is a valid excuse not to do ANYTHING. Okay, I am done with the guilt.

We still haven't decided what to name the baby. I think we are set on two girl names, but we don't agree on the boy names. I hope I have some inspiration soon, or the baby might be known as Baby Boy Exley for some time. Or maybe it will be a girl, and we'll be all set.


  1. Ah, baby ANY DAY!

    You need to get over that TV guilt, and fast, because those first 8 weeks or so... That's going to be your God send when you have to nurse the baby every 5 minutes. Mason watched A LOT of TV (and we kind of already watch a lot, oops) when Maisy was tiny. It was the only thing I could do when I was home with both of them. Either that or the iPad... Does she play games on your phones/iPads?

    Then things will get back to normal - they will! Just embrace what you have to do right now to get through.

    Thinking of you mama!

  2. What a witty blog post ... "she seems to be back to her regularly scheduled programming" ... "knock on all the wood in a galaxy far away" ... and the gymnastics routine reference!! Sticking the landings! I LOVED it!

    I say FORGET THE GUILT and milk this time in your life for all that it's worth. Who knows? This could be the last time you're ever 39 weeks pregnant. (Or not. This could be the second of three (!), or four (!?!?) pregnancies, ya never know!!).

    Ben is a very loving, compassionate, and understanding husband. Let him help out so that you can preserve some energy for L&D and then all those middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes.

    I agree with A. If ever there is a time to let the TV be a "babysitter," it's NOW.

    You're at the end of the marathon now!!! Finish line is in sight!!