Friday, March 1, 2013


Whew. It has been a week, as they say. (Does anyone actually say this? I don't know.) I came down with the evilist, most vile stomach virus you can imagine. I was miserable for days. I fainted in the bathroom. Again. I did not feel like a human, much less like myself. It was decidedly unpleasant.

In the midst of all this sickness, Ben got the call. He was being offered a job in St. Paul. We had until Monday to decide if he would take it. You know, I think it was good that I was sick. I didn't have the energy to freak out. Of course, this meant I also didn't have the energy to calmly weigh the options, either. I just did not want to deal with it AT ALL. However, deal with it I did. We talked about it a lot, and ultimately came to the conclusion that the Twin Cities is where we want to be. We have many reasons for moving there, and really only two reasons not to. (Two big reasons: my mom and dad.)

My parents were very understanding, if disappointed. They've always encouraged us to follow our own path and lead our own lives, something I greatly appreciate. And I know we'll still see them frequently. (In fact, I think we have plans to see them almost every month for the rest of the year.) And hey, with technology Clare can see her Baba and Jo face to face every week.

Now, the chaos begins. We have so much to figure out. Where we are going to live is, well, probably the most important thing. Gah! We are going to try to find a short term lease on an apartment for now. We are hoping to buy a house this summer, but don't want to rush into it. Sigh. Moving is exciting, but boy is it stressful.

I put in notice at my job yesterday. I was very nervous about this - I was up at 3:45 that day thinking. Just, you know, inventing all sorts of worst case scenarios for myself. Of course, it went fine. Not all of my coworkers know yet, but they will find out eventually. I don't plan to immediately look for work when we move. I am going to give being a Stay At Home Mom a try. It should be interesting, to say the least. (Although maybe we will be less sick? One can only hope.) Also, if anyone is interested I did write a couple of posts when we first started seriously talking about the possibility of relocating - I kept them hidden until now. They are here and here.

In the meantime, at least for one of us, life goes on as usual. Crazy, hyper, and happy. Not a care in the world.


  1. Congratulations to Ben. And to you. Change is always stressful, but that goes away. And you'll be out of that little living room! But that does mean Clare will turn 2 up there, doesn't it?

    If you and Kate stay up in the Cities, i wouldn't be surprised to see your parents move closer eventually.

  2. I commented on the other post, but wanted to say here that I'm so sorry you got the stomach bug! Seriously, nearly everyone has had that (and sometimes more than once!). ICK. I hope you're feeling better and while this will all be stressful, it'll all be really GREAT too!

  3. Do you want me to start looking for apartments in the St. Paul area? (wink, wink)

    Also — depending on where you do wind up, I can get recommendations from friends regarding pediatricians if you want. (Although I know you also have a lot of local connections.)

    I think we should celebrate your return with a get-together shortly after you move back!