Thursday, March 7, 2013

21 Months

The other day, we were sitting at dinner when we hear, "Six, seven, eight, nine, ten!" Ben and I stared in disbelief at Clare. Was she actually counting her peas? She was! She knows the numbers one through ten, although I don't think she totally understands the concept. As for where she learned this, it was either at daycare or from Sesame Street, because I didn't teach her. Since then, though, we've been working with her on the correct order of the numbers, and the idea that they actually represent a certain number of objects.

Cute counting aside, Clare has been quite the little brat the last couple of days, especially at daycare. She is pushing other kids for no reason and just generally being irritable. She also is testing her boundaries at home, big time. Ben has been gone at a conference this week, so I am at the end of my rope. The fact that I am exhausted isn't helping, either. I know what Clare is doing is all normal 1-year-old type stuff, but that doesn't make it any easier.

When she isn't testing boundaries, though, she is being very polite. She says please and thank you. She even thanked me for changing her diaper the other day. I almost fell over.

Clare only has a month left at daycare. I am a bit nervous about being a full time stay at home mom. I will have to find many activities for Clare and I to do. We will be living with Ben's parents' while we look for a house, so we'll have lots of quality time with Grandma.

Clare is absolutely obsessed with a Sesame Street video featuring Destiny's Child. She wants to watch it over and over. And over. I want to scream.  It is pretty cute how excited she gets about it, though. Even more than watching Destiny's Child, though, her favorite hobby is reading. We'll sit and read ten books in a row, while she bounces up and down happily on her T-Rex or sits in her Clare chair. Her favorite book right now is a collection of nursery rhymes. She'll request it by shouting "Row row! Row row!" ("Row, Row, Row Your Boat" is one of the songs in the book. However, that only song that regularly gets applause is "Itsy Bitsy Spider." This is the only time someone will applaud my singing.)

Clare also loves to accessorize. When we see my mom, Clare immediately demands all her jewelry, including her reading glasses. She looks like a mini Jo. I wish I had a picture.

Can I be totally cliche and say that I would REALLY like it to be spring? Last Saturday my mom, Clare and I went to a conservatory, and it felt so good to feel some humid air. Clare was fascinated by the waterfall, the fish, and the birds. I am just glad she wasn't scared of the animals, like she was last summer. I hope that means lots of trips to the zoo in our future.

With Grandma Jo at the Olbrich Gardens Conservatory.
A (very) rare moment of enjoying the cat's company.




  1. First, let's all go to the Zoo this summer! Yay!

    Second, it continues to amaze me how they're just BORN boy or girl. She asks for jewelry! I'm sure you never taught her to like those things, just like we never taught Mason to dig trains or cars. It just HAPPENS. Nature is amazing.

    Also, maybe Clare senses the transition coming up? That could be why she's acting out. I've discovered they're a lot more in tune with things than we realize, but can't verbalize what's throwing them off.

    She's so cute. Her smile in the third photo just kills me.

  2. Oh, Em. I love you. I love that you can admit when your daughter is being less-than-perfect because we all know kids go through phases and NO child is perfect all the time. (Those parents who think their kids are perfect are delusional.) I know all about daycare time-outs and all-around boundary-pushing. It's exhausting ... it's frustrating ... it's maddening ... and yet we know it's part of growing up, and we love them all the same. :)

    Ok, now I want to see that Destiny's Child/Sesame Street video. I might have to google it.

    Gah! That third photo down of her laughing reminds me of YOU, and the pic of her in your shoes is adorable!! And while I do agree with A in her comment (some kids just gravitate toward "boy" stuff or "girl" stuff), I also think some kids just want to be like their mama — Adam & Ben have both walked around in my heels and asked to have their toenails painted. Ben is sporting a lovely blue shade on his toes right now. When Adam was little he had a Barbie and a baby doll, but now he's all about Star Wars and Legos and playing with trucks and cars. Ben just wants to "fight" everyone with his light saber.