Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Three Things

First of all, I was right. Clare is not allergic to garbanzo beans. When the doctor called, he said, “I probably should have tested her for sesame seeds.” You think? Anyway, it’s fine. I am just going to assume that’s what it is. No hummus for Clare, which is too bad, because I just ate the most amazing dip. I might even go so far as to say it is better than taco dip. Gasp! It has a hummus base, and is topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, kalamata olives, feta cheese and oregano. Oh, and this is key: the hummus must be garlic-flavored. Delicious!

Second of all, house hunting stinks. I have never house hunted before, but I am finding it very stressful. It doesn’t help that we’re down here, and the houses are up there. I know this will be easier once we are living there, but for now – yuck. Ben and I drove to St. Paul for the day (yes, the day) last Saturday. We looked at six houses. Two seemed like possibilities. One of those houses has since sold. The other one is really small. On Sunday, we found a house online that looked like it could be perfect for us. (Wouldn’t it have been nice if this had been on the market on Saturday?) And yes, you guessed it. It has sold. The only good thing about all of this is I don’t have to drive up there again this weekend.

Thirdly, on a brighter note, I found an article online yesterday that listed the states in order from happiest to least happy, in what I am sure was a very scientific survey. Hawaii was number one, of course, but Minnesota came in at number three! (Wisconsin was way down at number 20.) I am happy that people in my future home state are happy. I think I will be happy there, too. Especially since I won’t be far from the Wisconsin border, which I can cross to buy beer (On Sundays! At gas stations!), cheese, and maybe even fireworks.


  1. At least you won't have to see that doctor again, now that you're crossing the state line.

    Did you find a realtor? Or are you kind of looking on your own?

    Minnesota is #3?! That's awesome. I'm happy that you're happy about Minnesotans being happy (and I'm happy that you're moving back and will—once again—be in the 612 or 651!!!!)

  2. House hunting does stink. They say the market is good--and it is--but the good houses go really fast. William and I missed out on a couple because we didn't either a) see them immediately or b) weren't willing to pull the trigger the second we saw them. UGH. I remember I was ready to tear my hair out when we found our house. And one of the reasons we bought it was because we were too worn down to keep going. I kid. Kind of.