Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 21

Wow, we are over halfway through this thing. That is hard to believe. On the other hand, I feel like it has been going on forever. Time is a weird thing, no?
We had the 20 week ultrasound last week. Everything appears to be in order - all the vital organs are there. Peanut didn't want his picture taken, though, he kept covering his face with this hands. B. thinks he is already a worrier, just like his mother.
No, we don't know if it is a boy. I just picked a pronoun. We decided not to find out. I am a planner, so this was difficult for me. At the end of the ultrasound, I asked the tech if he could tell if it was a boy or a girl. He said he didn't even look, because he didn't want to accidentally give it away. That ruined my plan to call later and find out, but now that I know no one knows the sex, I am okay with it. It will be a fun surprise in May! Or June, if Peanut decides to take his sweet time.
The baby is measuring bigger than it says it should be in the books, and I am hoping this doesn't mean I am on my way to a 10 pound baby.

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