Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

We got a huge blizzard here last night. B. drove to work this morning against my wishes, but I decided to stay home rather than risk getting stuck in a ditch and having to wait hours for the strapped emergency workers to pull me out. Of course, I spent the entire morning obsessively watching the weather online (because the cable is out - the one time I wanted to watch TV news. Thanks a lot!) and feeling guilty about whether or not I should go to work. I hardly slept last night, thanks to the weather radio bleating incessant warnings about the interstate being closed, "civil danger warning" blah blah blah. So at 11 I decided to take a nap. Now it is 2:30, and I have decided to stop feeling guilty about not going to work because there is really no point now. So instead of feeling guilty I am mad at myself for wasting the day feeling guilty. UGH! Get a grip, Em!

Anyway, I just drowned my sorrows in a box of macaroni and cheese, which I am sure to regret in an hour or so. I plan to spend the rest of the day watching cooking shows and reading baby books. And being happy that I can use pregnancy as an excuse to stay home.

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