Tuesday, October 4, 2016


He did not want to pose for the picture, but he was having fun with his moose in the kitchen so I managed to snap this one. Is this the three-year-old stubbornness starting early?

Three. I am always surprised when another birthday comes around, yet here we are. I have to say, three was not a good age for Clare, so I am hoping for better with Christopher.

I think he has grown recently. He just looks like such a kid.

Lately, Christopher has been snuggling up against me and saying "I love you, Mama," several times a day. I, of course, eat that right up. He is such a sweet boy. He occasionally gives me grief by running away when I am trying to get him to do something, or throwing a temper tantrum, but he is really pretty good overall.

He loves to antagonize his sister, but he misses her when she's at school. He was so happy last week when he found out Clare was going to an ice cream social at his school. He thought that was quite special.

At the beginning of the month, we took away Christopher's diapers. He was so ready. I could just tell that if he wasn't forced into it, he wasn't going to volunteer to give them up anytime soon. It has been going well so far. I mean, he is far from perfect, but overall I'd say he's well on his way to being fully potty trained. (Knock on all the wood.)

We have a new routine now that Clare is back in school. We go to ECFE and music, both once a week. Christopher really likes both classes. I think he is probably ready for preschool, too, but we'll wait until next year for that. He has basically given up naps, which is sad, but maybe we'll go for an afternoon preschool program next year.

He loves trains, and his favorite place is Choo Choo Bob's.  He is also into dinosaurs and Star Wars. He is going to be a storm trooper for Halloween. (Clare is going as Darth Vader.) His favorite movie is "Frozen" and his favorite TV show is "Kate and Mim Mim." His favorite book is "The Tiger Who Came to Tea." He still likes Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street, especially Super Grover. He'll eat pretty much anything that I put in front of him, but he especially likes pizza and spaghetti. He still eats lots of fruit every day. Right now he is particularly into mandarin oranges, but really any fruit will do.

Christopher is still very attached to his blanket. It slowly becoming smaller as strips tear off bit by bit. I am hoping it will last until he is less dependent on it. He also loves his Anna doll (from "Frozen") and his My Little Pony. And whatever stuffed animal strikes his fancy that particular day.

He talks constantly. If I am gone for a few hours, he likes to tell me everything he did while I was gone. ("Mommy, we came home and it was dark out and we read books and we brushed teeth and then Daddy's phone rang, and it was YOU, Mommy, and now you're here.") He is in the stage of why. He asks why constantly, and also wants to know what everything is, especially when I am driving. (And while he is asking me to explain everything in the universe, Josie is yelling "What doing, Em-ly?" Car rides are not as quiet as they used to be.) He can be extremely serious when having a conversation, but also loves to make people laugh. When he does, his eyes light up and he'll keep doing whatever it what was that people found funny.

We are having a small family party for Christopher on Saturday. We are going to make a chocolate cake and grill brats. His two best friends, Josie and Clare, will be there, along with assorted other family members.

We went to Osceola, Wisconsin, on Saturday to ride take a train ride to look at fall colors. Christopher was in his element. We are looking forward to more fall fun this month, and to another year of snuggles with this sweet little guy. Happy birthday, Christopher. You are just the best.


  1. Happy birthday sweet Christopher! I hope you have a fun birthday party and the coming year is SUPER! (Speaking of Grover, have you read him "The Monster at the End of this Book?" I bet he would love it!)

  2. Happy birthday Christopher! What a little man.