Monday, October 31, 2016

Bits and Pieces: October

It's that time of year again.

Oh Clare. It's okay, though. I can tell you were feeling uncertain here and trying to do exactly what the photographer was asking.

I had intentions of writing a few smaller posts this month. That never happened, though, so forgive me for this excessively long post. Actually, it might not be that long because I am not sure that I can remember the beginning of the month anymore. Oh wait, it was Christopher's birthday!

We had a small party for him with just family, including one set of grandparents, two aunts, three cousins, a great aunt and his Godparents. We cooked out, ate cake (homemade by Ben) and opened presents. He had a good time, but did NOT want to share the dinosaurs we gave him. There was lots of roaring.

I also left a few things out of the update I wrote about him at the beginning of the month that I want to record here, so I remember them. Christopher had his well-child check and the doctor kept calling him Mr. Muscles. He is a sturdy guy, 90th percentile for height and weight. My mom said that was how I always measured, too. And I'm a sturdy gal, so there you go. The doctor asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. His response: "Big and Christopher." Well, that makes sense. He also had an appointment with his cardiologist this month. He had an Echo done and he was a champ. He cooperated through the long procedure, holding my hand and watching "Paddington." It was all good news - his heart is still perfect. The doctor said his main risks are high blood pressure as a teenager and an adult. For now, though, we're all clear until we go back when he's five.

Christopher has an uncanny sense of direction, too, and always knows which way we are supposed to be going in the car. He yells from his car seat if I am going in what he thinks is the wrong direction. He also made me realize that I have specific nicknames for each of the kids I care for each day. The other day he told me their names are Christopher Buddy, Clare Honey and Josie Sweetie.

Christopher, Josie and I are all taking a music class together (one of my 40 x 40 goals!) and he has a surprisingly nice singing voice. He can also keep the beat. He loves it. His favorite instrument is the triangle and his favorite song is about a rocketship. We also sing the songs constantly in the car, so I am sure I will tire of them soon.

Speaking of 40 x 40 goals, another birthday has come and gone. I accomplished seven of my goals this year, so I need to pick up the pace if I am going to make it by 40. Also, is it cheating to change some of my goals now? I just don't think I am ever actually going to master knitting socks.

This month has been a busy one and it seemed unusually long.

We took a day trip to La Crosse earlier this month to visit my grandma and aunts. My parents were there, too. The kids always love seeing their great-grandma. They also went to a football game with Baba Ralph, which they found very exciting.

The next day we took our annual trip out to Whistling Wells Orchard. The apple picking was already finished for the year, but the kids had a good time choosing their pumpkins and fighting over the wagon.

During MEA weekend we went camping at Cascade River State Park, just south of Grand Marais. I was wary of taking a camping trip that late in the year, but we were invited by the same friends we camp with in the summer and we decided to give it a shot. It was really fun. It is so beautiful up there, and we had great weather on Friday and Saturday.  Was it cold? Yes. Did the pouring rain on Sunday morning put a damper on things? Yes. Would I do it again? Definitely yes.

And now Halloween! The kids went trick or treating in Highland Village on Saturday. They loved it. I did not. It would have been easier if Ben had been there. Instead, I found myself carrying 40 different things while trying to make sure my little stormtrooper and Darth Vader didn't break anything in any of the stores we entered.  We went to my friend's annual Halloween party on Saturday, which is always a good time for both adults and kids. Tonight was trick or treating in the neighborhood. We met up with friends to hit a nearby street's annual block party. It was awesome. I normally stay home and hand out candy on Halloween night, preferring the comfort of my own home and a glass of wine to being out in the cold. The block party was really fun, though, with houses going all out in the decorating department, Morris dancers, and even a police horse. Christopher loved the house decorated with scenes from "Where the Wild Things Are" (his current favorite book. He ran up to the house screaming "The wild things! The wild things!), while Clare preferred the house with the full tea party from Alice in Wonderland. It was a great night. Now, the kids are passed out in their beds and I am watching the Vikings lose. (I feel like I can start the trash talking again now that the Vikings are not so pathetic.) Happy Halloween!


  1. Love this post! What a busy month! St Paul 'hoods go all out for Halloween - that sounds really nice. And the kids are freakin' adorable!

  2. Great update, Em! I love the Halloween costumes! Why didn't you dress up? You'd make a good Princes Leia. And I think you're doing pretty good if you crossed off seven of your 40x40 goals! (I also think you can change them if you know they're never going to happen. I mean, the whole point is accomplishing them, not setting yourself up to fail.) Also great news about Christopher's heart! Strong & healthy! Yeah!! P.S. I hope we can get together soon!!!