Thursday, September 8, 2016

First Day of Kindergarten

In the weeks leading up to the first day of school, Clare kept insisting she didn't want to go back. She was not ready to leave summer behind. When we went to school on Tuesday to meet with her teacher and drop off her school supplies, she barely spoke to her teacher (who she had all of last year, so she is not a stranger) and told me when we left that she was not ready to go back. Well, fast forward to this morning when she was up and dressed well before she had to be out of bed, announced that she was too excited to sleep last night, and bounced around the house until the bus FINALLY came. She is ready.

She is in a combined pre-K/kindergarten class, and I think Clare will really enjoy helping the pre-K kids get adjusted. Since she'll be at school all day this year, she'll get to take music, art and gym as well, along with eating lunch at school. My picky eater will likely never take hot lunch, so I am going to have to get creative when packing lunches. Today I left her a note in her lunchbox, which I hope she can read.

It has hard to believe my little girl is in kindergarten. I know she is going to do great. And we all needed to get back into a routine; things were falling apart at the seams here at the end of summer. Christopher cried when Clare got on the bus (mostly because he wanted to get on the bus, too), but he is happily playing now.

Here's to a great school year!


  1. Yay! Way to go, Clare!

    I only had the kids home together for 10 days, but by the end of it they were at each other's throats and it was time to get back to school and into a routine.

    I hope she loves school!

  2. Yeah Clare!!! She's going to do FABULOUS! (If I was a teacher, I know I'd love having a sweet, helpful girl like Clare in my class.) ;)