Friday, October 16, 2015

40 x 40

Six (!) years ago today I turned 30, and totally freaked out about it. I now realize I was being silly. Thirty is young! I was a baby. Now that I am officially entering my late thirties (or is 36 still mid-thirties?), I decided to make some goals to accomplish by the time I am 40. That way I'll feel better about turning 40? Well, maybe not, but I saw this idea on my friend A.'s blog, and decided to do it myself. Some of these goals are already happening (the England trip is booked), but I am going to include them anyway.

1. Find an exercise routine and stick to it.
2. Add to college savings for Clare and start account for Christopher. (Completed in 2017)
3. Get new storm windows in our house. (Completed Fall 2016)
4. Finish our basement.
5. Take Clare to England to visit my brother and sister-in-law. (Completed April 2-9, 2016)
6. Re-learn how to play Rhapsody in Blue on the piano.
7. Read the "Little House on the Prairie" books to Clare and Christopher.
8. Go on a family trip to the Boundary Waters.
9. Knit a hat for myself.
10. Try sewing.
11. Cook my way through Ina Garten's latest, "Cooking for Jeffrey."
12. Learn how to cook Chinese food.
13. Finally accept the fact that I will never throw a Pinterest-worthy birthday party or be a "crafty" person. The kids don't care and neither should I.
14. Volunteer somewhere with the kids.
15. Participate in a wine and canvas night.
16. Take a trip with Ben without the kids.(Completed July 2016)
17. Visit my brother and sister-in-law in England, leave the kids with them, and go somewhere else in Europe. (Might not happen by the time I am 40, but it could be planned.)
18. Go to a Gopher football game at TCF Bank stadium.
19. Go to a concert at the State Fair.
20. Once in the next four years: watch all of the Best Picture nominated movies before my friend Kerry's Oscar party. (Completed in January and February 2016)
21. Volunteer at Clare's school. (Started volunteering at an event in October 2017. Hope to do more.)
22. Spend the night by myself at a hotel.
23. Visit a state I've never been to before.
24. Camp at Lake Itasca State Park.(Completed August 2016)
25. Take Clare to a fancy tea party. (Completed April 7, 2016, in Norwich, UK) 
26.  Bake an apple pie with homemade crust, using my grandmother's recipe. (Completed Nov. 23, 2017)
27. Spend a day in Stillwater and Hudson with my mom and sister.
28. Find freelance writing work. I'll need some money to pay for all of these trips. (Started in 2016)
29. Attend a Minnesota Lynx game with Clare.
30. See a local performance of the Nutcracker. (Completed Dec. 17. 2017, at St. Kate's with Clare)
31. Take both kids to a movie at a movie theater. (Completed October 27, 2017 - My Little Pony.)
32. Enroll in a music class with Christopher. (Completed Fall 2016)
33. Do a "behind the scenes" tour at the aquarium with both kids. (Completed November 27, 2017.)
34. Read "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck. (Read November and December 2017. I didn't like it.)
35. Go cross country skiing.
36. Organize my photos and videos.
37. Continue yearly camping trip tradition with friends and kids. (Completed in 2016, 2017,
38. Have a night out with friends (couples, but no kids) once a year. (2016: Rails and Ales, 
39. Host a Christmas cookie baking party.
40. Bake something from each section of Mary Berry's Baking Bible.


  1. Love this!! (I might steal a couple to finish out my list.)

    Happy birthday, my friend. It's been great to know you all these years. You're pretty darn awesome. :)

  2. I love these! I need a list like you two.

    Happy birthday again. Love you, friend.

  3. Great list!!! You can join us at The Current's State Fair concert next summer (Aaron and I go every year) if you want to cross off #19, and I'll let you know if I hear of any freelance opportunities here at the magazine (#28). I want to go cross country skiing some time, too!! We should go together!