Monday, May 25, 2015

Haircuts and Cookouts

I finally gave in. Christopher got a haircut. He didn't love it.

I felt the same way when I saw all of his lovely curls fall to the floor. Honestly, though, I think he will feel much cooler this summer without that long hair sticking to the back of his neck. And I can always let his hair grow out until the curls come back.

Aside from the hair-related trauma, it was a lovely long weekend, despite the rain. Even though I am a stay-at-home mom, I look forward to long weekends. Having Ben here one extra day is so nice, and it means a break from caring for my niece. (I adore my niece, but I'd be lying if I said having three kids here isn't challenging at times.)

We had cookouts all three nights, two with family and one with friends. I had several gin and tonics. And a bloody Mary. We took the kids on a bike ride to the lock and dam on the Mississippi River. I went to Target by myself.

We tried to go the Aquarium at MOA on Sunday. What was I thinking? The place was packed. Clare and I did go down the log chute ride, though. Have you ever been on that? She begged and begged. I had her watch it to make sure she really wanted to do it. She did. Well, I'd never been on the ride before, and had no idea it is filled with huge, creepy, animatronic characters. So of course she was scared out of her mind. I don't think she minded the actual ride, but those statues did her in. Poor girl. After we got off the ride, she told me she'd wait until she was 10 to try it again. Then she collapsed into the stroller.

This week is Clare's last week of preschool. I am both happy about and dreading this schedule change. It will be nice not to have to rush off in the morning, but it also means no break. Clare is doing two camps this summer, though, so she'll have a little time with her preschool friends then.

I am looking forward to lots of park time, though. Even if it means holding Christopher down to put sunscreen on him, especially now that the back of his neck is bare.


  1. Weekends are interesting for me. I can totally see your point that having Ben home with you = a break. And don't get me wrong, having Jon home weekends right now is great, too. But when Friday comes at work and everyone is "so glad it's Friday!" I'm just kind of...."yeah.... me too..."
    Weekends do not mean relaxation when you have littles. We have fun, of course, but it's go-go-go, even during nap time.

    Sometimes I actually look forward to Monday mornings when I get to work before everyone else, can sip my coffee and read blogs. :)

    But like I've said before, the day will come soon when the kids are off with friends or at jobs or whatever and I'll have plenty of "relaxation" time and will probably miss weekends like we have now! Will we still be blogging then so we can talk about it?

  2. A- I hope we blog until we're old & grey!!! It's a great way to KIT (and relate to each other's parenting struggles - and successes!!!). I also hope we can figure out another time to get together ... soon! Maybe to visit Katie and Baby Remy?

    Em - Love Christopher's haircut. Ben has really thick hair, and it seems like he's a little less sweaty/uncomfortable when we get it cut for summer. (Neither of my boys have curls, though, so haircuts for us were just a matter of practicality. I can see where you'd be more attached to those baby curls!)

    I'm glad you had a nice long weekend, complete with cookouts, cocktails, a bike ride, a trip to the MOA (creepy log ride & all) and a liberating solo trip to Target! Whenever I'm at Target without the kids, I walk SO slowly up and down the aisles. Ahh, bliss! ;)