Thursday, June 4, 2015

20 Months

Christopher is very helpful. He is into putting things away. I am sure it won't last.

He has started using more problem-solving skills rather than just getting upset when something doesn't immediately go his way. It is fun to watch him think things through.

He is fearless at the park. There is a tall metal slide at our favorite neighborhood park. It is fairly fast. Clare wasn't comfortable going down it until she was three. Yes, you guessed it. Christopher flies right down that slide. He goes down on his belly, but with no hesitation whatsoever.

He has started shaking his head no. He sometimes shakes his head no when he means yes, but most of the time he does it correctly. He has gotten better at using signs to communicate on a regular basis. He has been signing for awhile, but they seem to come more naturally now. Hungry, thirsty, all done, more, please. His vocabulary is slowly expanding. His list of words includes eat, cheese, cracker, cookie (as in the dessert and the monster), boot, Clare, Mama, hi, bye, hello, milk, uh-oh, Josie, banana, apple, ball, go, car, baby, window (I am the only one who understands this), and thank you. I think he is trying to say Katie. (His aunt.)

I am sure I mentioned this last time, but outside his is favorite place to be. Yesterday I asked the kids if they wanted to play in the backyard. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a blur run by - it was Christopher bolting for the door.

His other favorite things: books, cars, playing with Clare, watching videos on my phone, and running with his hands in the air.

He is still a good eater. His favorite food is fruit. Any fruit. Anytime. He would actually probably be happy if I just served him fruit with a side of cheese for every meal.

He is still very affectionate and gives the best hugs. I think I mention his hugs every month, but I want to savor them because I know a time will come when he doesn't want to hug me 10 times a day.

He looks so grown-up now, especially in his polo shirts that he has been wearing now that it is warmer. I am excited for a fun summer.


  1. Polo shirts and that haircut! He's such a little man.

    (Does he not say 'daddy' yet? If that's the case, he has to be the first child to say 'mama' before 'daddy.')

  2. I laughed at this: "Yesterday I asked the kids if they wanted to play in the backyard. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a blur run by - it was Christopher bolting for the door." You're such a great storyteller!

    I bet Christopher will want to hug you 10 times a day long into the future. (But maybe, you know, not TOO long into the future, because that might be weird??)

    I love polo shirts on little boys. That's our "dress-up" uniform for every concert & program. (Points for originality right here.)

    Yeah for summer!!!!!!