Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Number Nine

Just a quick post to note that today is Ben and my 9th wedding anniversary. We are celebrating by doing...nothing. I might use the day as an excuse to have a glass of wine tonight, though.

One of the challenges we've faced lately is the division of labor on the weekends. I tend to dump the kids on Ben on Saturdays and Sundays, because I badly need a break. I get frustrated when Ben has other plans, which to be fair usually involve yard work or other house projects. I know these things have to be done, too, and it is impossible for me to mow the lawn or do much other yard work during the day, especially now that I have Josie.  This situation has sparked more than one argument.

Usually, though, we manage to get everything done (or decide to ignore it), and have some family time. Ben really is a great partner when it comes to the daily grind. He does the dishes. He puts Clare to bed. He gives the kids their baths.  He gets up with the kids on Sundays so I can sleep in. And, he NEVER complains when I tell him I have plans with friends or my sister. (Not that I have plans all that often. I am boring.) And, most importantly, he is a great dad. The kids shriek with joy when he comes home.

He doesn't read this blog, but I'll say it anyway. Thanks for everything, Ben.


  1. Happy anniversary! Ben seems like a pretty perfect dad/husband. Except that he doesn't read your blog! He has one big fault right there. ;)

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  3. Happy anniversary to a GREAT team!!!
    As far as the challenges, I know I'd be the same way if I was a SAHM—it's just how we're wired. (I'm basing that off how I felt during my maternity leave.) I had to remind myself that Aaron worked hard all day, too, just in a different way - and he also needed his "down" time (whatever that meant to him). There are trade-offs to every arrangement, but it seems like you're ironing out the kinks & figuring out a system that works for both of you. :)
    And you are NOT boring!!! Gouda for everyone!

  4. I knew i was forgetting something.......Happy Anniversary to you and Ben.