Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nuks No More

Well, we finally did it. We nixed the Nuk. And the first week was rough, but I think we are coming out the other side. I hope.

I took Clare to her first dentist appointment last week. She did great. I think she is maturing a bit when it comes to things that used to cause her major anxiety. I expected her to have a complete meltdown about the dentist, but as soon as the hygienist mentioned the words "princess toothbrush" she was sold.

It was the dentist who told us it was finally time to get rid of Clare's pacifier. She is concerned that it is causing a problem with her bite. So I decided Clare was done. Cold turkey. The first few days she screamed and cried for it at nap time. Then she didn't nap. She screamed and cried at bedtime. She still went to bed. It has been a week now, though, and she's stopped asking for it. She's also basically stopped napping, much to my dismay. I think it is time to introduce Clare to a little concept called Quiet Time, also known as Stay In Your Room Until Mommy Tells You To Come Out Time. I am not sure she'll like SIYRUMTYTCOT, but I need it.

Speaking of not that at all, did you guys watch "The Magic School Bus" when you were little? Clare has started watching it on Netflix. I don't remember that show being so gross. And really kind of disturbing. I mean, this tiny little bus flies through a human body. It is weird. After watching a few episodes, Clare turned to me and announced that she does not want to ride on a school bus. I explained that most buses do not actually fly into outer space, but I am not sure she felt better. I guess it is back to "Daniel Tiger" or, God forbid, "Caillou."

And to wrap up this completely random post, here is a picture of both my children after they became extremely upset because of my husband and father-in-law's loud yelling during the USA Men's World Cup match.

I don't know how they'll survive football season.

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  1. Congrats on ditching the Nuk! It's (almost) always worse in our imagination than it is in reality. I dreaded the day when we had to get rid of Adam's, and our daycare provider made the decision for us. He was 3 and it was time, but I worried that he'd be distraught, and he'd NEED it to "comfort" him, and we'd be battling (who wants more battles when we're already tired enough!?). Kids surprise us, don't they? They often do much better with change than we think they will. ANYHOW, enough about ME, I'm glad the transition went well for you and Clare.

    I can't believe she's already outgrown her afternoon nap. I hope she understands how much Mommy needs some quiet "me" time (for your sanity).

    I've never heard of The Magic School Bus. I'm kind of intrigued.

    That last photo is hilarious. You're amused, Christopher isn't sure what to think (Mom's laughing, Dad's yelling, Sister's crying, how am I supposed to feel?!), and Clare is learning an early lesson about passionate sports fans.