Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer So Far

I love this time of year (except all of these storms, thank you very much). Summer! Cookouts, trips to the zoo, picnics at the park, summer fruits, sweet corn, swimming, sunshine. Really, I like the next six months, so I am always happy in June. It is just the beginning of the best times of the year. (Although this week has been a bit of a challenge - I am still happy because at least it is not winter!)

Our summer officially kicked off with Clare's third birthday party, held at our house on her actual birthday.

Ready to party.
We kept it small and simple this year. Sandwiches, cake, presents. Clare's guests included all four of her grandparents, a great aunt and uncle, Aunt Katie, her buddy cousin Gavin and his parents, and her BFF Benjamin and his family. Oh, and this guy was there too, for a little while anyway.

The party proved to be too much for little Christopher Lewis. He was in bed an hour after it started.

Party trick! Clare wowed the crowd by reading her name on her new personalized water bottle (and naming all the letters).
Clare requested a princess cake. I had my reservations, but I decided it wouldn't hurt to let her have one. I told the bakery I wanted a "little girl" princess. Yeah, I ended up with the typical curvy blonde, complete with eye makeup. Luckily, Clare was way more interested in eating the cake than actually looking at it.

More please!
She spent most of the party just like this:

It was a good day.


Last weekend I packed up the kids and took them to Evansville for a long weekend. Aunt Katie came along, too, so I didn't have to do the drive alone. Ben stayed here and enjoyed the peace and quiet. And did quite a few house projects, actually. Anyway, Christopher took his first trip the restaurant where Ben and I spent many a Friday night in our pre-children life.

He makes this face all the time.
We went to a Brewers game in Milwaukee. I don't know why I thought this was a good idea for Christopher. He, of course, crashed not even halfway through the game. He had fun tailgating, though.

Clare was nervous about eating around the cars, but she had a blast at the actual game.

And she adored the racing sausages. As anyone would. She cheered for the hot dog. Good choice, Clare. She also enjoyed seeing her Uncle Robby one last time before he heads back to England until November. Sniff. We'll miss you, Uncle Robby!

I also got to see a few friends for lunch and brunch, which I always enjoy. I brought Christopher with me to both outings, thinking he would just sit in his high chair quietly. Why do I keep forgetting that he is an extremely active 8-month-old, and not a newborn baby anymore? Next time I go out with friends that boy is staying at home. I would have been better off taking Clare, who will just sit quietly and peel the wrappers off the crayons she is given to color with at the restaurant.

Despite my energetic baby's restaurant antics, summer is off to a good start.


  1. Summer is the best. The best. What happy kids - they're so darling!

  2. What great photos!!! I love the candid shots (the posed ones are pretty cute, too, though.) You have such a beautiful family. (And I second A's comment about your happy kids!!)

    It sounds like you had a very successful third birthday party for Miss. Clare, seductive princess cake and all. (ha ha!)

    It's exhausting bringing active kids to a restaurant!! You spend so much time trying to keep them from knocking over water glasses, pulling silverware off the table, and sticking sugar packets in their mouth that it's tough to enjoy the conversation OR the meal. I can remember getting up and walking around the restaurant when my boys were younger, just to give them a change of scenery.

    I also learned recently that it's challenging trying to entertain active kids at a Friday night wedding/reception, esp when there's serious lag time between the ceremony and dinner, and dinner and dance. (Thankfully there were plenty of other kids there for them to play with!)

    When are you coming downtown again? We could have dinner outside by one of the food trucks. Miss you, Em!