Friday, January 31, 2014

Bits and Pieces: January

I had a dream the other night that it was August. In the dream, I was totally distraught because I had MISSED summer. It was going to be winter again soon. So I guess I was happy when I woke up and it was still January? I guess?

We did manage to get outside for a bit last weekend. We took Clare ice skating at Groveland Recreation Center. She absolutely loved it. I was pretty impressed with her skating talent, too. She'd never done it before, but she could go about 20 feet on her own. (Okay, she was wearing the double-bladed skates, but still. It is my job to be overly impressed with all of her accomplishments, right?) We had to drag her off the ice; even the promise of Snuffy's for lunch couldn't convince her to stop skating.

Christopher and I mostly hung out in the warming house.


Clare is taking a tumbling class. It mostly consists of the children running back and forth on the mats and jumping over slinkys, but Clare is enjoying it. She is Very Serious during the class, but she does everything the teacher says and always wants to go back. After the first session, I thought she hated it, because she was so nervous about everything. She told Ben she had fun, though, so what do I know.


Ben took Clare to a Gopher women's hockey game. She wasn't happy at first, because she didn't like the noise. (She is still bothered by loud noises of any kind.) However, she changed her mind once she got a taste of a soft pretzel. And now she sings the Rouser.


We are working on potty training. I am finding it all rather frustrating, but I keep reminding myself that she is only two. And she (probably) won't wear a diaper to her Senior Prom. I mean, I don't know what will be in fashion then.


Clare is going through a bit of the terrible twos, but sometimes she says things that make me forget all of that. The other day, Ben came in just as we were sitting down to dinner. "Daddy!" she screamed. "Look at this yummy dinner that Mommy made!"

I'll take what I can get.

Clare "helping" Christopher make a snow angel.


  1. Double-bladed skates! I had no idea! This is a great tip. Mason has asked about going but I didn't think he'd have fun falling down all the time. Good to know!

    Potty training is hard. But she'll get it. It might just take some time. Send me an email if you want to vent about it.

  2. I laughed twice while reading this post. First at your prom/diaper reference (please, dear God, do not EVER let diapers be in vogue for able-bodied teens!) and second at the photo of Christopher and Clare in the snowbank. Ha! Your gift of storytelling cracks me up!!!

    I'm impressed that Clare was so good on ice skates. I'm afraid to try it with Adam. We brought him rollerskating last year and he basically turned into a wet noodle once he had skates on his feet. It was quite a sight, watching Aaron (who, of course, is a really good rollerskater because he's good at every sport!) trying to hold Adam up as they went around the rink.

    And the tumbling class sounds adorable. Clare's a girl after my own heart. I can't imagine my boys being interested in tumbling, unless they could tumble into one another and end up in a wrestling match. :)

    See you on Sunday!! xo