Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Four Months

Eight nights. For eight glorious nights in a row, Christopher slept through. Then I had the audacity to tell a friend of mine that Christopher was sleeping through the night. You know what that means: it all stopped. Now he is back to getting up once or twice a night - sometimes after only sleeping for 2 or 3 hours, sometimes sleeping longer. I have been trying to get him on some kind of nap/sleep schedule, but it hasn't really worked so far. Partly because I need to be out and about doing things with Clare, and partly because, well, he just doesn't cooperate.

He has discovered his thumb. He loves sucking his thumb. Actually, it helps him self-sooth quite a bit. I've been thinking about moving him into his own room (he's been sleeping in a bassinet in our room), but I am reluctant to do so. I was with Clare, too. Even though Christopher's crib is on the same wall as our bed, so I'll probably still hear every noise he makes, it feels too far away. Maybe he'd sleep better in his crib, though? Who knows. Not me.

Christopher is a bit of a Mama's boy right now. He refuses to take a bottle. I went to a basketball game with my sister a few weeks ago, and he cried for an hour and 45 minutes. When I got home, I took him from Ben and he immediately stopped crying. He didn't even want to nurse. He just wanted me to hold him while we "chatted." He had a lot to say.

We had his four month well-baby check today, and I have to say, Christopher is much tougher about his shots than Clare was as a baby (or now, for that matter). She would cry hysterically and I would have to nurse her at the clinic to calm her down. Christopher cried for a few seconds, then looked around all "What? Am I supposed to be upset or something?" Then he kicked his legs and smiled.

During Christopher's first month, he was so grumpy, I truly thought that it was just his disposition. (Maybe it was his heart?) I am so glad I was wrong. I know I wrote this last month too, but he is really just such a happy, smiley guy. He smiles with his whole body, especially when he sees his Daddy. Or Clare. Or me. It is the best cure for the winter blues.

In closing, here are several photos of the baby sleeping. I. Can't. Stop. Someone needs to take away my phone. This is the best part of my day, though. While Clare naps, Christopher sleeps in my arms and I catch up on TV shows. I will cry the day she stops napping. Someone will need to give me something to nurse to calm me down. Preferably wine. Lots of wine.


  1. Oh, when babies fill out around 3-4 months, they just get SO CUTE. What a doll.

  2. He's ADORABLE. And when Clare stops napping, I will gladly bring you wine.