Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week 26

I had a bit of a panic attack recently when I realized I am well over halfway through this thing. How did that happen? I guess I have been a bit distracted with a few other things, but STILL. Only 14 weeks to go? That doesn't seem like very many, suddenly.

The Baby: Is about 1 and 2/3 pounds and 14 inches long. The size of a scallion, according to the Internet. I have never seen a scallion that weights 1 and 2/3 pounds, but maybe they are talking about the length?

Weight gain: As of my last appointment, I have gained about 10 pounds.

I’m Feeling: Still having low back pain. I am also easily winded. The sides of my abs and the ligaments in my legs are also sore. In short, I am becoming uncomfortable. 

Cravings/Aversions: Lemonade, but I am forbidden by my doctor from drinking it. It is an easy way to cut back on sugar, I suppose.

What I'm enjoying: Sleeping in. Clare has been sleeping until about 8:30 every day (knock on all the wood), and I decided I am just going to sleep until she wakes up. Yes, I could get up and shower and get things done before she wakes up, but what can I say, I prefer sleep to showering. Also: starting in October, all restful sleep will disappear from my life for some time.

What I'm worrying about: This unpacking has been stressful. I did have a nice break from it with a getaway to Miami with my mom last weekend. We went for my cousin's wedding shower, since I won't be able to be at the wedding in October. We had a lovely time, including a 2 and a half hour chat at breakfast and a brief trip to the beach. 

Anyway, the unpacking. It is never ending! I feel like every time I turn around there is more STUFF to deal with. I have started to realize, though, that some of this stuff is crayons and books and balls and snack cups. I guess having a 2-year-old means there is always going to be some stuff lying around, huh?

Movement: The kicking can now be seen through my shirt. And Ben finally felt the baby move after several failed attempts.

Clare: We have been talking about the baby's room quite a bit. Yesterday, Clare put her baby doll in the baby's room, saying it was the doll's room. I guess I will have to be more clear which baby we are talking about. Other than that, though, her mind is mainly occupied with this weekend, when she will have her belated birthday party. She picked out her cake. You'll be shocked to learn that it has Elmo on it.

Oh, and I figured I should take a few belly shots, now that this pregnancy is more than half over. Here is one. And yes, that is a sippy cup full of milk.


  1. You make me laugh thinking about a one-pound scallion!

    You look great, though I'm sorry you're starting to get uncomfortable. As I've been back to work, I walk the skyways thinking: When I walked these skyways 12 weeks ago, I could barely hobble my private parts hurt so much! Good thing these kids are worth it, because pregnancy is not fun sometimes! :)

    PS I so miss how I would nap when Mason napped. Take one for me. :)