Sunday, June 30, 2013

Clare's Birthday, In Pictures

Clare turned two the day before we moved. Needless to say this was not an ideal time for a party. Moving or not, though, it is always an ideal time to decorate cupcakes.

Clare decided it would be more fun to eat them.

She was pretty pleased with herself when she got to have a SECOND cupcake later that day. (I decorated that one.)

We celebrated on the actual day of Clare's birthday with pizza and Clare's paternal grandparents, Aunt Katie and Uncle Andrew, and Great Aunt Sally. Clare celebrated by wearing her new strawberry sunglasses around the house.

Because I am a crazy person, I decided to have a small birthday party for Clare yesterday, three weeks after we moved into the new house. This time, there was a proper cake, complete with Big Bird and Elmo. Clare picked it out.

I invited my college roommates and their families. Clare was not sure what to think about all of the other children being there. I was thrilled to talk to my friends, who I don't see often enough. And really, I invited them for me, not her. Sorry Clare.

Clare was, however, willing to play with Uncle Andy in the house.

Uncle Andrew and Aunt Katie are not sure if this is fun or not.

Clare playing with bubbles. Earlier, we pinned the nose on Elmo. (In background. And yes, that is my friend Jessica's pregnant belly in the foreground. Sorry Jess! I am too lazy to crop.)

We had some long distance guests, including my grandmother Jean, sitting at the head of the table. My parents and our family friend Ruth also made the trip.

The college girls, minus Cindi, plus Ben's friend's wife and her son. As you can see, Clare was not interested in posing for the camera. All of the other children are smiling nicely, of course. Aren't they a cute bunch?

Clare finally cheered up after a piece of birthday cake and a game of catch with Uncle Andy.

And then she discovered her presents. The large red one is a water table from my friend Chelsea. I am SO excited about this gift. I think Clare will love it. She loved all of her other presents, too.

Especially these shoes from Great Grandma, which she had to try on immediately.

I wanted a picture of Ben, Clare and me. This is the best we got. You may notice that Ben is not even in the picture. Yeah, that is about how the day went, picture-wise, so we are missing lots of Clare's guests, including all four of her grandparents! Despite Clare's lack of enthusiasm at first, I think the party was a success. Of course, I bought way too much food. If anyone would like some watermelon or a sandwich, please stop by.

With Great Grandma at breakfast the day after the party.


  1. It looks like such a fun party! And the water table is going to be AWESOME for the rest of the summer. Mason loves ours; I hope he's not too big for it this year.

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  3. Perfect weather for an outdoor party!! So glad you were able to get your college girls (and kids) together, too. Isn't it great being back in Minnesota?! ;)
    LOVE the last photo of you, Clare, and Great Grandma.

  4. Sorry I missed it! Cute pictures :-)

  5. I'm glad to see the Sponge Bob ball made it into most of the pictures.