Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sitting Up

A few weeks ago, I was worrying (shocking, I know) that Clare wasn't sitting up yet. Even though the books I'd read said she was in the normal range for the milestones she was supposed to have reached, I started obsessing over it.

I emailed my friend and professional sounding board, A. She told me her son wasn't sitting yet at Clare's age, and at the time, she was worried, too. Since her son is a wonderful and smart little boy, I felt a lot better.

Then, I read Amalah's post on Thursday. Her son is just a few days older than Clare. She was concerned about the fact that her son wasn't sitting up, and even asked an occupational therapist about it. The specialist was concerned. Of course, this sent me into a full-fledged panic. Even though I know! You are not supposed to compare babies! All babies develop at different speeds! First borns are sometimes slower to do things than second and third children. I get it. I still panicked.

I decided to sit Clare on her little bottom to see what would happen. Just to try it out.

She sat there on her own staring back at me like, "Yeah, what? I can do this. I just choose not to, camera/milk lady."

So ONCE AGAIN I was worrying about nothing. And now I can record another milestone in her baby book. January 13, 2012. Clare sat up by herself for the first time. After being coerced.

 (She still can't pull herself into a sitting position from the ground, but I figure that will come soon enough. If is she just reclined in her car seat or on my lap, she can sit up.)


  1. You have to remember, too, that Amalah's family has a history with Noah of developmental delays. That's why she asked and was concerned.

    But just like her, the second you start worrying or blog about it, it happens.

    Go Clare!

  2. Too funny!!! Our little ones CLEARLY have their own timelines ... I can totally attest to that after our potty training trials with Adam. It taught me not to compare. They all figure it out eventually.

  3. Maybe if you had her doing some ab workouts she would be able to sit up from the ground :).

  4. Yeah, are you saying you don't have a Pilates trainer for Clare yet? I'm calling social services. (Also, do we all consider A. our professional sounding board?)