Sunday, January 29, 2012

80 Degrees and Sunny

For the last week we were with Ben's parents in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. The weather! Oh, the weather was lovely. It was 80 and sunny almost every day. We flew down last Saturday - and for the week prior to the trip I was worrying about how Clare would do on the plane. She did fine, of course. I got some very helpful advice from some of my more well-traveled friends (basically, nurse on take off and landing). Worked like a charm! It also helped that she had a captive audience - plenty of people to charm in the seats around us.

We spent the week sitting on the beach, bird watching, zipping around in a pontoon boat (we saw dolphins!), and eating Key Lime Pie for dessert every night. I got to spend an afternoon by myself at the pool reading, swimming, and staring at palm trees and a clear blue sky. Ben and I had a much-needed date night on Friday - I had delicious fajitas and an even more delicious mojito. Clare was thrilled to spend time with her grandparents and not wear pants.

Dipping her feet in the ocean. It was a bit cold, and she was not thrilled.

In the back bay on the pontoon boat.

With Grandma Mary Theresa. She hated wearing the life jacket, but enjoyed her dolphin toy.

Having fun playing with Grandpa Steve at the condo.

My dear friend Chelsea was in Fort Myers Beach with her two boys while we were there. We haven't seen each other in awhile, so it was great to be able to hang out. One night, we went to dinner at the (ocean view!) condo she was renting. We drank wine on her porch after the kids went to bed. Things are slightly different now from the first time Chelsea and I were on the beach together. (Mazatlan, Mexico, Spring Break 1999. I am sure you can imagine.) On that trip, we spent a lot of time discussing boys and doing our hair and make-up in preparation for a wild night out. This time, we spent a lot of time discussing poop. Our kids', not our own. Just to be clear. Also - we were done for the night by 9.

Clare getting to know her friends Gavin and Parker.
One last thing to mention for posterity. I had the best reuben sandwich I have ever had on Sanibel Island at a restaurant called the Happy Heron. Oh my gosh, it was so good. (I am a big fan of the reuben.) And, Clare sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time. It was at just the right height for her to lean over and put her mouth on the table. Gross? Yes. I am sure there are worse things she could put in her mouth, though. This is not really how I intended to end this post, but there you go. I'll just include one more picture.

The whole family at the beach.


  1. Sounds like a GREAT vacation! Glad you got some much needed/deserved adult time too. But really, I can't believe you deprived Clare of Disneyland...never too young or old for that. I had a rueben yesterday too, although it was nothing to write about. :0) Looking forward to seeing your refreshed self tomorrow. :0(

  2. You let Clare lick a restaurant table?! Emily! How could you?!?! Also, I'm TOTALLY joking. I'm pretty sure my kids have licked tables, eaten cigarette butts, chewed someone else's gum (oh the things you find under church pews!), maybe even dipped a finger (or hand) in a public toilet. Germs are good for kids, right?! (ha ha) In all seriousness, sounds like you had a fabulous getaway with just the right mix of sun, sand, wine, family, friends, food, and sleep. (You did get some sleep, right??) Oh, and I love the family photo. You all look so cute (and sun-kissed)!!!