Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seven Months

Weight: 17.5 pounds

Teeth: 5, with another two coming in.

Likes: Milk! Mommy’s hair. Anything Daddy does. Performing for a crowd. Sweet potatoes. Saying “da-da-da-da” and then growling (there is no Dana, only Zuul). Rolling anywhere and everywhere (time to babyproof!). Monkey Katie, Mr. Owl, Dolly, and Turnover Cat II. The cat. Daycare, especially her favorite teachers Jonelle and Sandy. Her adoring fans: Grandma Jo, T.R., Grandma Mary Theresa, Grandpa Steve, Aunts Katie and Andri, Uncles Robby, Andrew and Andy. Aunt Andri’s hair and glasses. Baths. Bouncing. This Little Piggy and Peek-a-boo games. Eating books. (I am hoping this will turn into “reading books” someday soon.) Her Jumperoo. (When she first saw it she tried to dive out of my arms in her haste to get to it.)

Dislikes: Sleeping when there are people other than Mommy and Daddy around (which is why she was awake to ring in the new year with us!) Having her face wiped off or washed. Apples. Not being the center of attention. Being put in her car seat at the end of the day. Mommy with a towel on her head after a shower. Socks, and sometimes she will not tolerate pants, either. She is strictly a pants-optional kind of girl.
Just after midnight on Jan. 1, 2012. Mom and Dad are enjoying the Champagne of Beers. Happy New Year, all!

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  1. Monkey Katie? A gift from someone close? She's beginning to look like a little girl now, and not a baby.