Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Six Months

"Hi, Mom! I see you've got that camera out again."

"I am sorry, this dinosaur is way more interesting than you."

"Wait. What's going on back here?"

Last weekend, Clare was playing in her floor activity gym while I prepared bottles for daycare. Suddenly, I heard WAILING coming from the living room (which is really the same room as the kitchen – it is all one big room). I went running over, and found she had managed to roll herself at least three feet away from the gym, and was underneath the coffee table. I don’t think she was hurt, just scared, but apparently the days of setting her on the floor to do chores are over. She is not staying put. She has also been rolling herself onto her stomach at night, which of course has me running in there every so often to turn her over – because you know, BACK IS BEST and if she sleeps on her stomach I fail at motherhood.

We gave her solid food for the first time last weekend – organic pureed butternut squash. She didn’t love it.

She did, however, love the spoon.

Her sleep schedule has been screwed up for the past 5 days or so – she seems extra gassy and fussy, and I don’t know if it is the squash, or something I ate (Taco dip? Lasagna? Steak?), or if it is yet another tooth…..yeah, it can be a tad overwhelming figuring out what is bothering baby.

Clare is finally sleeping in her own room, a transition that was a lot harder for me than it was for her. In fact, aside from the past few days, I admit she is sleeping better in her crib than she did in the bassinet. She has plenty of room to roll around and turn over. The first few nights she was in there, I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I am used to it now, although I still check on her right before I go to bed to make sure she is okay.

She discovered the cat last month, and now she just lights up every time she sees her. She loves petting her. I think I’ve made my feelings on the cat known, but it is cute to watch Clare get excited about her.

Back to this solid food thing -  I am really stressed out about it for some reason. How do you know what to give her? How much to give her? What if she is allergic to something? (Given my food allergies, this is not an unreasonable concern.) I know I’ll figure it out like I’ve figured out everything else, but right now I am obsessing.

But enough worrying, it is Christmas time! Clare is loving all the Christmas decorations, especially anything with lights – and I am looking forward to all the fun holiday events coming up this month. Mom and Dad are even going to two holiday parties (thanks to my parents and lovely friend Christina.) Now, if only I can get Clare to sleep a little better, I will be ready to enjoy the season. Which will likely include eating a lot more taco dip.


  1. She just gets cuter and cuter every month!!! She looks a lot like you in that last picture. :0)


  2. Next month, she'll be holding that dragon while you try and take her picture. :)

    She's still incredibly happy looking.

  3. When I saw these pictures, I said, "Wow, her legs fit her body now." Andri laughed scornfully at me, as if that was not a proper thing to say. But I think it most proper. She looks like she could saunter about town now, high-stepping all the way.

  4. 1. I thought that was a turtle, not a dinosaur.

    2. Yes, you've entered the time when you can't just lay her on the floor anymore. Mason got stuck under tables all the time. But, I've loved the crawling and walking (now running) stages, so I think you will, too!

    3. If she can roll over on her own, I think she's fine to sleep on her tummy. I bet she sleeps better that way. We check on Mason every night before we go to bed. They're so cute asleep!

    4. Don't stress out about food. There's really no rush. Try one new food every three days. No reaction, no allergy. She will tell you when she's full by refusing the spoon. She still gets all her nutrition from milk, so this is just for fun. Really.

  5. I think you were in a very similar position to Clare in photo #3 at your bachelorette party.

    I like the worried/concerned look on her face when Ben is feeding her. (She takes after you already, Em!)

    I didn't know Adam was allergic to anything until he was six months old and I was ready to wean him from breast milk to formula and he broke out in hives. Turns out he was allergic to eggs and cow's milk protein. No wonder he was so fussy after I ate omelets.