Friday, November 4, 2011

I Love

The other day I was thinking about how I used to spend Sundays in the fall before Clare was born. I'd start something cooking on the stove, and then settle onto the couch with a huge stack of magazines in my lap and the Packer game on TV. Now the Packer game might be on TV, but I am constantly up and down, changing diapers, entertaining Clare. I started thinking about all the things I used to do before Clare, and how I really don't do most of them anymore. And I wouldn't trade it for the world, but sometimes I miss those things, you know? Then my friend A. posted a list of things she loves on her blog, and I decided to copy her and do that here. I think it will be good to touch base with those things I love that are separate from Clare and Ben.

And since it is fall, I think I'll start there: I love fall. I love the crunch of the leaves under my feet. I love pumpkins. I love squash and apple crisp. And apples. I love cooking. I love my Le Creuset dutch oven. I love the sound onions make when I toss them into melted butter. I love wine, both red and white. I love the sound of wine being poured into a glass. I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I love baking. I love the smell of chocolate chip cookies in the oven. I love eating that first cookie, still warm. I love food. I love going out for long, luxurious dinners, including dessert. I love books. I love libraries and bookstores, big and small. I love how my mom and sister and I can spend hours talking on the phone about nothing. I love that I still have all four of my grandparents. I love tailgating before Brewers games, especially if my brother is there to eat chips off his shirt.  I love that I love my brothers and sister-in-law. I love the Argylian Goddesses and all the friends I've made through them. I love the Lillie Crew. I love the Packers. I love it that the Packers are 7-0. I love the feel of grass on my bare feet. I love the ocean. I love New York and Paris and London and Minneapolis. I love driving in the country at dusk during summer. I love hot air balloons. I love holiday decorations. I love Christmas. I love sleeping in, especially on a cold winter day. I love Parks and Recreation and Chuck. I love Harry Potter. I love seeing movies in the theater. I love Adele and Arcade Fire. I love the Boundary Waters. I love chocolate.  I love Happy Hour. I love french fries. And beer. Lots of beer.


  1. OK - it's possible that I've been at work too long, but I just got really teary-eyed reading that at my desk. I love all of those things too!

  2. Well, I DO NOT love that the Packers are 7-0! But I'm glad you made this list, too.

    I used to do the same thing on Sundays in the fall - watching the Vikings. Times sure change. :)

  3. I love the Lillie crew, too!!! (CAKE!) And I love beer. No wonder why we're such good friends.
    I also love the way you write.