Monday, November 7, 2011

Five Months

This has been a big month for our little Clare. I already posted about some of it it here, so I'll recap: Teeth. Rolling over. She rolls over all the time now, but once she is on her stomach, she can't seem to roll back over. She gets kind of mad about that, and I have to go rescue her.  She also noticed our ancient, deaf, nearly blind cat the other day. I was sitting with her in our recliner, and the cat was on the arm of the couch. The cat moved, and Clare did a double take. "What?!?! That thing is alive??" (Sometimes I am surprised she is still alive, too.) Now Clare will "pet" the cat, which basically consists of beating the cat with one of her toys. The cat tolerates it. Clare has also recognized anything shaped like a cylinder with liquid in it as "something to eat." If whoever is holding her is taking a drink out of a water glass or beer bottle or whatever, she reaches for it and tries to pull it towards her mouth. She is also showing a lot of interest in food, and was thrilled the other day when my Dad ate a pork chop with his hand, and she got to gnaw on his fingers afterward.

My favorite part of the day on my days off is when Ben gets home from work. Clare is always THRILLED to see him, which is adorable. Also, the two of them have a conversation about their day. Clare squeaks, and Ben squeaks back. This can go on for quite some time.  I love watching them "talk." Clare is quite the verbal little baby. Oh, and did I mention she took her SATs and scored a 1530?

Ready for college.
 Clare's Minnesota grandparents came to visit last weekend. We had a nice visit - she was very happy and charming with them. Clare is happy most of the time, except when shopping. She is a very serious shopper, and refuses to smile at any of the old ladies or Piggly Wiggly cashiers who coo at her and try to coax a smile out of her. Not happening ladies. Sorry.

We went on a hike in the Janesville School Forest with Grandpa Steve and Grandma Mary Theresa - I am trying to soak up as much nice weather as I can before winter gets here. It was a beautiful day, and Clare fell asleep in her carrier. I wish I could be carried around like that.

We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays. I am sure Clare will be after that turkey on Thanksgiving. Sadly, she will have to settle for having it secondhand.

Hiking in the Janesville School Forest.

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  1. Ha!! This post made me laugh out loud. Your poor (tolerant!) cat.
    And could you please videotape Ben and Clare "squeaking" and post it on YouTube? Thanks.