Friday, October 14, 2011


She has one coming in. Maybe two. We had her 4-month check-up on Wednesday, and the doctor was surprised to hear Clare is teething. According to the doctor, most babies don't get teeth until they are at least 6 months old. But hey, she is the size of a 6 month old, so she might as well act like one too. (Stats: 14.4 pounds, 26 inches long - that's the 97th percentile for height and 62nd percentile for weight.)

She has been a bit cranky, but not too bad, all things considered. (Knock on wood.) She is drooling A LOT, and gumming down on everything, including Mommy. Last night, we tried the frozen wet washcloth, and she loved chewing/sucking on that. What a cheap, easy solution! I have no idea how teething works, but I assume she'll get a little break once these teeth come in?

Ben dropped our camera on the ground and it is busted, so until I get a new one - crappy phone photos!

Hmmm...why is Mommy hovering over me and Sophie with her phone?

Open up, Clare! Show the world that tooth!

Ta da! (Now, lets learn to chew on something OTHER than Mommy. How about Sophie? That's what she's for, after all.)


  1. She is just getting cuter by the day!!

  2. Annnnddd it starts. For like two more years you'll be looking for, wondering where, blaming on and guessing about all things teeth!

    What a cutie!

    (And like I said when Mason got his teeth at 3 months: The old wives tale says those that get teeth super early are super smart!)

  3. What a funny expression in that last photo (it's like she's thinking, "GEEZ, MOM, do you HAVE to stick your hand in my mouth again!? Can't I teethe in peace?!" I've never been one to pay attention to teething. Maybe I'm weird like that. I just figure, when the boys started soaking their shirts and gnawing on everything, a tooth was coming in. Thankfully neither one was cranky during the process.