Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ode to Infiniti

You carried me to my first job. And my second job. And my third and fourth.
Even though you sat outside for several winters, you always started.
You carried me to Madison from the Twin Cities hundreds of times, so I could visit my boyfriend.
When that boyfriend became my husband, you brought me to my wedding.
I drove you into a ditch, you were unscathed. Even after we were both plowed in.
You carried a canoe over a pothole-filled dirt road near the Boundary Waters with no problem.
You drove to parties, visits with family and friends, restaurants, plays, movies.
You helped me move to four different apartments in three different cities.
You sat waiting at the airport while we flew to Florida, England, Hawaii.
You carried me and the precious cargo I was carrying to each appointment.
You didn’t bring me to the hospital, but I know you would have.
We had one last summer of taking baby to visit family and to doctors appointments. And to Target. Many times.
Comfortable leather seats. Sunroof.
Crappy cup holders. A rusted out undercarriage. Dim headlights. A trunk that won’t latch properly unless you close it just so.
230,000 miles.

I know you are just a car, but I am sad to let you go. Thanks for each of those 230,000 miles.


Well, hello there…

Get ready for the next 230,000 miles. We intend to drive the heck out of you.


  1. I know I have PMS but that just made me cry!

  2. Beautiful.

    And I mean the car.

    Oh, okay, I mean the post, too.

  3. Crazy! We're like the same person sometimes, Em. I had to write a very similar post when Mason was 5 months old. I still miss my Neon a year later. However, this summer I had A/C in the car for the first time in years, and THAT was awesome.

  4. LOVED this post! You're too funny!!! Did your car have a name? And what about the new car?

  5. You should drive that new car up to the Twin Cities so Clare can see her aunt.