Friday, September 29, 2017

Bits and Pieces: September

I have been struggling a lot lately with The Events of the Day. It is hard for me to keep it affecting my mood and how much patience I have with the kids. I hate the feeling of hopelessness and dread that seems to affect me every day. So if anyone has any advice on how to stay positive, I'd take it. Anything, really. (I have already tried eating my feelings. And drinking my feelings.) I've noticed my SAD has started early this year, too. I think it is time to finally buy one of those happy lamps!

Aside from all that, this month has had some high points. For one, I went to Sonoma! Without my kids! My college roommates and I made the trip for a long weekend mid-month. It was wonderful. We don't see each other much these days, despite everyone living in the Twin Cities (and Rochester). We flew there on a Thursday and immediately went to a winery. On Friday, we took a tour to four different wineries in the Sonoma Valley. The best part was that no one had to drive. On Saturday, we drove to several different wineries in the Napa Valley. We ate delicious food along with all of the wine. Spending time with these ladies was so nice. Even though we don't see each other much, our history holds us together. It feels like no time has passed when we get together. We have 11 kids all together, and we all definitely need some time away. I wish we could go every year.

I already wrote about the first days of school, and it continues to go well for both kids. Clare loves her teacher. She is very excited about what she is doing at school, and is eager to tell me about her day. She seems much more enthusiastic than last year. Christopher also loves preschool. He sometimes claims he doesn't want to go, but he then he has a great time. And I have evidence: the school's Instagram account. It is so much fun to look at pictures while he's at school in the morning. He is always having a blast, and they have some pretty funny quotes under the pictures, too. Clare has started asking to go to the bus by herself, which is fine. The stop is right across the street from our house and I can stand on my porch to keep an eye on her. The only problem: Christopher insists on giving Clare a hug and a kiss at the bus stop. It is really sweet, actually, and Clare has been good about letting him do that, even though she really wants her independence.

We started ECFE again, and both Christopher and Josie are enjoying that.  I also enjoy my adult interaction and kid-free time.

My grandma, who turned 94 in August, received a Presidential Lifetime Achievement award for her volunteer work. She has volunteered weekly at the hospital for years. I thought that was neat, even though she is unhappy with the signature on the award.

Christopher's birthday is next week, so I'll be back with more then!

Petting a police horse at the neighborhood festival.

Elsa. She also climbed the rock wall.

Sonoma Valley.

Outside at Hall Winery in the Napa Valley. Can't go wrong with wine and cheese and crackers.

Jessie, Cindi, me, Chelsea, Jessica. 

Rutherford Winery in the Napa Valley. I also made a life decision: I am only getting gel manicures from now on.

Clare waiting for the bus on her own. She looks so small standing there.


  1. Ok, this is too funny - I was JUST telling someone that I'll never get anything but a gel manicure after getting my first one two weeks ago for my SIL's wedding. My polish has yet to chip. I love looking at my nails! I receive compliments on my sparkly polish! Who knew such a simple thing could bring such joy?! (Too bad I couldn't afford to go to a nail salon on a regular basis, because it really does make me happy.)

    I love that you and your girls were able to do some wine tasting in Sonoma. Your trip looks like SO MUCH FUN - a well-deserved break!

    My advice for you in preventing the doldrums is to always have something to look forward to ... whether it's with the kids or without. I also found that my mood improved after doing the Whole30. (I even went through withdrawal when I cut out sugar for a month!) I was surprised how much my diet affected my state of mind. It was an interesting experiment, and made me realize how much I enjoy social drinking, cheese, and the occasional dessert. :) Looking forward to seeing you next week! xo

  2. Didn't you ladies read my gel polish review years ago in the mag? I told you they're awesome! ;)

    Em, I am right there with you with the dread and angst and struggling to parent with it all. Want to have lunch? I have been so swamped lately but Eero is finally in daycare ,so things have lightened up in that respect.