Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Number 11 and Mother's Day

Ben and I celebrated wedding anniversary number 11 on Saturday. We have now been together for over 16 years.

That makes me feel old.

Just like the weekend we got married, Mother's Day fell on the day after our anniversary. Things were a little different 11 years later. Then: I hobbled from the St. Paul Hotel to the Liffey for a Mother's Day brunch. (I forgot my comfortable shoes and had to wear my wedding shoes. Why didn't we take a cab? Who knows.) Then we went home and opened all of our gifts. A few days later, we got on a plane to Hawaii.  Now: we made pancakes with the kids, ran errands, supervised a lemonade stand, wiped noses, cleaned up messes, drank bloody Mary's on the deck, and made dinner for Ben's parents.

We didn't have a babysitter on Saturday, so we took the kids to Green Mill for pizza to celebrate our anniversary. We went to Green Mill on our first date, but sadly the location where we ate (Uptown) has closed. I tried to tell Clare all about why Green Mill was special, but she was more interested in coloring the kid-friendly menu they gave her. It was a nice dinner, actually. The kids are finally getting to an age where it is not totally nerve wracking to take them to restaurants. (Although they still have their moments, of course.)

Things have changed, but I am sure glad I bought Ben at a date auction 16 years ago and that we have these two little goofballs to share the journey with us.


  1. I love your how-we-met story. Always have! Happy anniversary and happy Mother's Day, lady. :)

  2. Your wedding was so much fun!! I, too, love that you bought Ben at a date auction. Your family is so cute (all four of you!) xo