Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bits and Pieces: April

I have been stuck in the house for the last few days with a kid with viral pinkeye. This is coming off the other kid having pinkeye last week, the bacterial kind, which means the dreaded eye drops. It is not fun. It is beautiful today, and I am debating whether or not to take Christopher to the park. Can he spread pinkeye at the park? Probably.

My anxiety levels about the world have been up again these last few weeks, too. I still need to figure out exactly what I can do to help, other than throwing money at organizations and calling my representatives. One thing I am doing: I am a delegate for one of our mayoral candidates and will be going to the city convention in June. My candidate: Melvin Carter. My friend Heather and I went to our caucus on Sunday, not planning to be delegates, and the next thing you know we were both raising our hands to participate. Most politicians at the national level started local, so my hope is getting good people into the local offices will lead to good people in the national offices down the line.

Anyway. Let's talk about happier things. Clare had spring break at the beginning of the month. It went fine. We went to visit my parents for the last few days of break, which is something we all enjoy doing.

Easter was fun, too. We had our annual brunch/egg hunt at my friend Heather's house. It was a beautiful day. My parents came here for Easter dinner, which was nice. We also went to church at a new church, and I want to go back again. It was very laid back. The kids were thrilled with their Easter baskets. The candy supply is slowly dwindling, thanks to a lot of help from me. I can't stay away from that candy!

I had my spring girls' weekend away two weekends ago. We went to Northfield. My friend Sarah went to college there, so she had good recommendations for restaurants and shopping. We rented a house, which we didn't leave until 2 p.m. on Saturday. Then we shopped, joined the Northfield March for Science, and had a beer on an outside patio. It was a perfect weekend, complete with a viewing of "Clue." I love that movie.

Last weekend I took the kids to Art in Bloom at the MIA with my mother-in-law.  Clare was into it, Christopher was not. He and I spent a lot of time in the Cafe and kids play area. Still, it was a nice day.

Clare only has six weeks left of school, and there is a lot happening in the next few weeks. She'll find out her teacher for next year soon, too.

That reminds me - Clare climbed the rock wall at REI the day before Easter. She went all the way to the top, no problem. This is part of her plan to become an American Ninja Warrior. Many of them started out as rock climbers.

I tempted fate by putting away the winter coats. I hope spring is finally here to stay.

On one of the first nice days this spring.

A boy and his hotdogs.

Decorating eggs at the Cuckoo House.

Meeting the Easter bunny in Evansville. Clare declared that she knew this was not the real Easter Bunny because she could see a person in there. Nothing gets by this kid.

Very excited to watch the crew trimming our huge silver maple in the backyard. 

Decorating eggs at our house.

Clare riding her two wheel bike. She is quite good it at now.

Climbing the rock wall at REI. She looks so small up there.

Easter morning. Christopher took a bite of his Cadbury cream egg and exclaimed, "There's juice in here!"

Fun finding eggs.

Easter crime scene.

Planting our tiny garden with Daddy. They planted lettuce, peas, carrots and flowers.

Face paint at Art in Bloom at MIA.

She requested a Frozen theme, of course.

Christopher handed me this flower and solemnly said, "This is for you, Mommy." I melted.

I found this selfie on my phone. Yeah...


  1. Clue! I watched that movie so many times. "FLAMES. On the side of my face!" Oh, Madeline Kahn, a comedic treasure.

    I'm so impressed with Clare! I could never climb that thing.

    And the random selfies on my phone can really make my day.

  2. Ok, all of those sweet photos of your kids, and all I can think is this: Ben wears an apron? I love it!

    Glad you enjoyed Easter, your girls' trip, and other fun spring outings.

    Also? I love that you're a delegate.