Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bits and Pieces: March

We celebrated Easter here for the first time in nine years or so. It was our first Easter at our house, I just realized. It was really nice. The kids and I colored eggs the Friday before. Christopher only drank the egg dye twice, so I consider that a win. ("I like it this one, Mama!") On Easter morning, the kids hunted for eggs and their Easter baskets, which contained a few little surprises. They had a great time. Christopher keeps mentioning hunting for eggs, actually, and the fact that Clare cracked a few of hers. (They are hard cooked for a reason.) We went to church, and then headed to my friend Heather's for an Easter egg hunt and brunch. The adults got to participate in the hunt (we were looking for eggs with our names on them), and everyone got really into it. The fact that we had all had a mimosa probably fueled a bit of that competitive fire. Christopher found more eggs than Clare. A good time was had by all. We hosted Easter dinner here that evening. Ben's parents and aunt and uncle joined us. We ate kielbasa, warm potato salad, salad and French silk pie and lemon bars for dessert. It was a really nice day.

Carefully choosing colors.

Easter morning excitement.

Found it!

Don't bother me, I'm busy hunting.

Ignore the terrible lighting.


Christopher is speaking mostly in complete sentences now, although he is still working on his syntax. (See above. He also frequently says "don't like it this one!") I love listening to his little voice. The other day I asked him if he needed his diaper changed. "Actually not," he replied. He uses the word actually a lot. He also says things like "go see fishies today?" and really emphases the to in today. He does that with the word together, too.

He is definitely asserting his independence, as two-year-olds tend to do. He and Clare love to play together, but he also loves to antagonize her. The push and pull of the sibling relationship.

Clare had her follow-up appointment for her ears at the beginning of the month. Her hearing is perfect! The procedure was a success, for now. The next test will be what happens when the tube falls out.  She is still doing well in school. We had her conference a few weeks ago, and her teacher had nothing but good things to say. She said she is mature for her age, and has started reading a few words. The only criticism was that she is sometimes too loud when she is working with Chloe and Keira. Clare informed me of that herself, so it wasn't a surprise. She also attended her first birthday party with kids in her class. It was at the YMCA, and they rented a bounce house. Clare had a blast, and I got to meet some of the other parents, which was nice.

Clare also went to her first movie in a movie theater this month. She and Ben saw "Zootopia" with some friends. Ben said all of the kids were a little scared. Overall, though, she had fun, and says she wants to see it again.


I had some fun outings this month, too. I did a printmaking class at Indeed Brewery, which was a great time. I am not particularly artistic, but there was beer and I was with friends.  I also went to a friend's house to decorate Ukrainian Easter eggs. I have a bit of a collection of them now, because I've done it for the past few years. Again, I am not artistic, but the colors are so vibrant that it doesn't really matter that the lines aren't straight.

I also had lunch with my college roommates (except Chelsea, we missed you!), who I hadn't seen in many months. It was so nice. There is something about having that history with people. We may not see each other all that often, but as soon as we do get together it feels like no time has passed. I know we'll always be friends.

And best of all, I saw TWO robins this week. Dare I say spring is here? No, no I do not.


  1. Great post and pics!! I love your Ukrainian egg collection - so pretty. I miss you! We need to schedule a BBQ for this summer. (I BELIEVE SPRING IS HERE. IT HAS TO BE. IF WE GET MORE SNOW, I WILL CRY.)

  2. This post is much happier than the last one - I think the DST fallout has passed. :)

    I'm glad you had a nice Easter!