Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bits and Pieces: November

I decided I am going to buy one of those happy lamps. I've had more than one person tell me they work for them, or for someone they know. Anyway, it can't hurt, right?

I have been feeling much better for the last week and a half, mostly due to all the distractions with Thanksgiving.

My brother, who lives in England, was here the weekend before Thanksgiving so I hosted an early dinner. It went well, except I burned the stuffing my mom made. Oops. I am not used to having so many dishes in my oven. Clare immediately attached herself to Robby and insisted he play with her all weekend.

On Thanksgiving Day, we drove down to my parents' house. My aunt and uncle, who live in Memphis, were there, along with their two adult children and spouse who live in New York and Chicago. It was great to see them, and eat stuffing that hadn't been burned. I also ate my fair share of pumpkin and raspberry pie. (Two separate pies, in case you weren't sure.)

I went out for a long lunch with my dear friend Christina, who I don't get to see often enough. And I am not kidding about the length. We sat down at 12:15, and the next thing we knew it was nearly 4:30. I guess that's what happens with good friends who are not rushing to get anywhere else.

My dad and I went to the Badger/Gopher football game. I was disappointed with the results, but going to the game was fun.

The only downside: I somehow sprained a muscle in my lower back, and it is so painful. Trying to pick up my nearly 30 pound baby is not easy.

So I don't know where my camera was during any of this time. I did take one picture, though. Clare completing her annual task of decorating Meema Jo's Christmas tree. She would spend all day doing that if she could. (Or sledding with Baba, another highlight of the weekend.)

Happy decorating season!

Meema Jo and Clare looking at the lights from under the tree.


  1. I'm impressed that you prepared a full Thanksgiving meal! I'm almost cough, cough *that age* and still have yet to do that. I did make a turkey once, though, when I lived in Oregon.

    It's such a special relationship when you can pick up wherever you last left off with a good friend—no matter how much time has passed—and feel totally at ease and just talk, and talk, and talk.

    I hope your back heals soon! That sounds like a miserable injury.

    I never thought about looking at the lights from UNDER the tree! I may have to try this tonight. :)

  2. I miss our long talks. I'm sorry I have been a flake! One thing after another over here. Also, are you a Costco member? I am and they had happy lights for ridic cheap (like $20-$30,i can't remember exact price) if you want to come with me and get one (I can get it for you). oxoox

  3. the outcome was perfectly fine, dear niece.

  4. It was SO GOOD to see you last week!! It definitely made my whole month :)

    I forgot to say when I saw you, but definitely go for the happy light! I'm obsessed with mine! It's seriously life changing.

    Talk to you soon!!