Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bits and Pieces: August

Summer may be unofficially over tomorrow, but we certainly made the most of it. Our August was filled with many trips to the park and pool, get-togethers with friends, and our first ever camping trip as a family. Oh, and the Fair. We can't forget the Fair.

In early August we packed up the kids and headed to Jay Cooke State Park. I have to say, the trip went a lot better than I expected. Sure, the baby woke up screaming at 3 a.m. because he had peed through his sleeper. And yes, he attempted to eat fistful after fistful of pine needles. Overall, though it was a success. Clare had a blast. She was thrilled about everything, especially eating in s'mores and sleeping in her sleeping bag. We hiked and sat around the campfire. The weather was perfect and the bugs were nonexistent. What more could we ask for?

More pine needles, please!
My happy little guy.
Having fun?
Family nap time. I managed to fall asleep in one of the camp chairs while re-reading Harry Potter.
Looking at the St. Louis River from the swinging bridge.
The beautiful St. Louis River.
Of course, we went to the Fair. I am not a "Fair person" myself, but I don't mind going for a few hours as long as it is not too hot. So naturally we picked the hottest day of the summer to go. It wasn't bad in the morning, but by the time we left it was pretty warm. We looked at animals. Clare absolutely hates chickens, but she was okay with the goats and the rabbits. She even got to pet a rabbit. She closed her eyes and covered her ears when we walked past the chickens. We did the ride thing - Clare could have gone on rides all day. We ate cheese curds, malts, cookies, deep fried olives, mini donuts, and the adults drank beer. Somehow we didn't get stomach aches.

Driving. This ride was incredibly loud and annoying, but Clare loved it.
Merry-go-round selfie.
My sister tried to get a family shot. Clare and Christopher weren't having it.
This is how he spent most of the fair. 
My parents are visiting this weekend, and we went to Minnehaha Falls this afternoon. It is so close to my house, I don't know why I don't get over there more. It was fun, especially driving around in the Surrey. Clare wasn't sure she liked it. She kept yelling directions at my dad, who was driving. "Slow down Baba Ralph!!" She is her mother's daughter.
At the Falls.
Ready to ride.
Now, on to preschool. I think we are ready. I hope. In the meantime, we're headed to the beach on Tuesday. I am going to enjoy every last gasp of summer.

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  1. Love these photos, and I so admire you for going camping!! We haven't attempted to sleep in a tent (yet), but we've been shopping around for deals on bigger tents so we can go next summer. I think our boys would love it. Gotta start 'em young, right!?! I bet you'll be taking family trips to the Boundary Waters by the time Christopher is in kindergarten. That's a beautiful shot of you & your little (happy) guy, btw. And the napping shot is great!!!!

    I love that Clare is a "rides" girl. We should meet up at Como Town some time. (And I wonder what it is about the chickens!? Just too noisy??)

    It looks like you had fun at Minnehaha Falls. I went there for the first time ever this summer ... crazy that I grew up in Minnesota & it was just never on my parents' or my friends' radars to go there. Aaron's uncle lives within walking distance, and it was like a big block party when we went. He knew at least five families. We don't have that same sense of community on the East Side.

    Have fun at the beach on Tuesday!! I'm anxious to hear how preschool goes for Clare & Mason when you & A blog again. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the "first day" anxiety this year ... it was rough with Adam two years ago (preschool), then last year with Ben (preschool) and Adam (kindergarten). I think Clare & Mason will adapt and adjust beautifully, though. Such different personalities than my nervous nellies!!!!!