Monday, August 4, 2014

10 months

Christopher is most definitely on the move. He finally got the hang of the whole crawling thing. He also figured out how to climb up the step out of the playroom, but he seems reluctant to do it regularly. This is fine with me.

He is starting to communicate with actual signs. They are not  accurate signs, but he consistently makes the same gestures for hungry, milk and all done. He also smacks his tongue when I ask him if he's hungry and shouts "maa maa maa" when he wants more. And he always wants more. He has mastered the pincer grip, and now hates being spoon fed. He wants to do it all himself, thank you very much. He is a big fan of Cheerios.

He loves cars and trucks and balls. Such a stereotypical boy. Clare loved music from the womb, but Christopher has just started reacting to it, shaking his whole body to a song. He especially loves the theme song to "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood."

Everything still goes in his mouth.

He is content to be carried in my Ergo when we are at the park. I am enjoying this while it lasts, because I know next summer I will have to chase him all over the place to make sure he doesn't fall head first off the big slide.

He is still big - only about 7 pounds lighter than Clare. He is not off the charts or anything, but he is in the 80th percentiles for height and weight, and still in the 100th for head. Both kids had to have their fingers pricked for a blood draw at the doctor's office last week. Christopher handled it so much better than Clare. He barely cried. I guess after going through heart surgery a little finger prick is no big deal.

His hair is getting longer and wavy. His smile is toothy. Sometimes when I am nursing him, I realize he's stopped eating (I am looking at Twitter), and I look down. There he is, grinning up at me. I just love that smile.

He still adores Clare, even when she yells at him. They have started "playing" together, and Clare tells him about her day. I can't wait to watch their relationship develop even more.

So, 10 months. Last summer I didn't know if he was a boy or a girl, or what he would be like. Now I can't remember not having him around. And time can go ahead and slow down now.


  1. This morning Mason and I got Maisy from her crib and Mason went up to it and said, "Hug, Maisy?" and then THEY HUGGED. And then on the way to daycare they were giggling like fools over something. Those are the Best Moments.

    Christopher is a doll face. What a stinkin' cutie pie.

  2. It's mind blowing how much a baby changes in his/her first year, isn't it?! From a tiny dependent little bean who only sleeps, eats, cries, and poops/pees to an active, fun, sweet little person who laughs and cries and reacts to situations with emotion and personality. And then even MORE major milestone moments from ages one to two ... and you're totally spot on about next summer, when you'll be chasing Christopher around the park. That phase is exhausting, but SO MUCH FUN!