Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Five Months (And One Day)

So have you heard of the Four Month Sleep Regression? Yeah, that is actually a thing. I never noticed these sleep regressions or "Wonder Weeks" with Clare, but Christopher seems to be prone to them. I don't know why, but I guess development is harder for him? Clare apparently just slept right through it. Christopher slept like a newborn (meaning not much at all) for about a week. All of those brain synapses firing! He does seem like a much older baby all of a sudden. He plays with toys. He talks to people. He is interested in everything.

A few weeks ago, Ben was holding Christopher while we were having pizza for dinner. Christopher was fixated on Ben's plate. When Ben raised his piece of pizza to his mouth, Christopher opened his mouth as wide as he could, all "insert pizza, plz." A few days later, he was super excited at the prospect of a bite of my chocolate babka at ECFE. He was lunging for it. (He didn't get one.) Needless to say, I think he is ready for solid foods. I am going to make him hold out until 6 months, though. I do have one specialized talent, and that is the ability to produce copious amounts of breast milk. I have to use my talent while I can.

As I've mentioned before, Christopher is a generally laid back, happy guy. (Except when he is sympathy crying with Clare.) He is a charming flirt. He smiles at everyone. One thing he will not tolerate, however, is a drinking milk out of a bottle. This past weekend, my parents were in town. Their Christmas gift from my sister and I was dinner out at the Bachelor Farmer. We hired a babysitter to watch the kiddos. I was nervous, because I knew Christopher would not want the bottle (despite working with him to try to get him to drink out of one). I was afraid he would scream the whole time and poor babysitter would never come back. Luckily, he was fine while she was here. (He did not drink from the bottle.)

We moved Christopher to his crib earlier this month. Even though he is still not regularly sleeping through the night, it was actually a relief to get our own room back. I can read at night without tip toeing around, worried I'll wake the baby. His crib is on the same wall as our bed, so I can still hear him as soon as he stirs, but it is nice having him in his own room.

Christopher saw the pediatric cardiologist today. His heart looks great. He is no longer needs to take his blood pressure medication. He will see the cardiologist again in October, and after that he will only need to go every two years. I am so grateful that his heart is healthy, and that he is the jolly, pudgy little baby that he is.


  1. Great news about Christopher's cardiac appointment!! What a relief not to have to give him BP meds anymore. He is really just such a cute, content, happy-go-lucky little (big?) guy. What size is he wearing now?

    And sorry to hear about his bottle defiance. Thankfully he was good for the sitter, although - knowing you - you were worried about it when you should have been relaxing and enjoying your night out! :)

  2. Oh such good news about his heart! YAY! I love it. And what a stinker with his bottle! Those babies. I'm glad his sleep regression only lasted a week. And congrats for getting your room back. Big month all around!

    It's kind of crazy/funny that our kids were all born in the first week of the month. All our updates happen at the same time and have since Clare was born. :) It means I always know when to check your blog for sure!

  3. SUCH good news about his heart!! I love that bottom picture - he and Clare have the same smile :) Miss you and your two little cuties!! xoxo