Monday, March 31, 2014

Bits and Pieces: March

Spring! Spring! Spring! I know it is going to get cold again this week. I know we haven't seen the last of the snow. But 60 degrees this weekend felt amazing. It improved everyone's moods, even Christopher's. This month felt long, but now that it is over I am not sure where it went. 


It is official. Clare is potty trained. She has been for awhile, but I wanted to wait to say anything so that I didn't tempt the laws of the universe. (Write about it, and everything stops working, backfires, etc.) Speaking of that universe, though, apparently even when you think something the universe can step in to put you in your place. I was congratulating myself recently on making it through the whole winter without getting sick. So of course last week I developed a wicked cold.  I didn't even say anything out loud, but the universe knew. 


Clare has been taking very good care of her baby while I take care of Christopher. She even pretends to nurse her. The other day, she sat in her chair to nurse her baby, looked around, and said, "Where's my phone?" Oops. I guess I spend too much time looking at my phone while nursing. Darn you, smart phones!

She also likes to carry her baby in this homemade carrier when I am wearing Christopher. Don't worry, I have an actual carrier for him. Not just a shirt I tie around my waist.


We went to visit my grandparents in La Crosse a few weeks ago. I always enjoy seeing them. During the visit, Clare mastered her somersault, told my mom gracias means "a little bean up in the sky," and was convinced that the picture of my parents at their wedding was actually my brother and sister. She was also asleep before we pulled out of the driveway.


My mom came for a visit while she was on spring break. We went to story time, the aquarium, and visited Aunt Katie at work. Clare loved having her here. So did I.


Speaking of visiting people at work, we were driving in downtown Minneapolis to meet my friend Chrissy for lunch a few weeks ago and Clare and I were talking in the car.

Clare: Daddy goes to work, because he's a boy. You don't go to work because you're a girl.
Me: (Nearly swerving off road). No no no no! Lots of girls go to work! We are going to visit Chrissy at work! Aunt Katie goes to work! Meema Jo goes to work!
Me: (Frantically listing any woman I think of who works.)
Clare: Why is that sign spinning around? It is spinning around and around!
Me: Sigh.


Last night, I was thinking about how much easier my life was before I had two kids. How sometimes I prefer Christopher's company over anyone else's, because he doesn't talk back. How if I only had Clare, I would get so much more done around the house because she can be left alone to play.

And, as always, I thought about how I would never, ever give them up. Not for anything.

These two.

It is such a relief to be coming out of this long, long winter. Happy Spring!


  1. Yes. I think about all that too. What did we DO all weekend before them? Naps! Lazy days! And how easy just Mason is now...why did we throw in a baby right when he got easier/more self sufficient. But, then I think, he's FOUR. How did he get to be FOUR. He's so big. Where did the baby go? And she's ONE (which I'm thrilled about), but yes... they're the best and love each other so much.

    We'll have lazy Sundays again someday... Right now things are good, too.

  2. I had so much fun with you, Clare and Christopher!! And I hope we were able to show her how many girls work outside the home when she came into the office and saw cubicle after cubicle of WOMEN. (And a few token guys!)

    Clean houses are overrated. :)

    We've been going to Wisconsin Dells for three years, and this was the first time that I was able to sit on a chair and just RELAX while both boys played. The first time we went, Ben was just shy of two and I had to follow him around to make sure he didn't wander off, or drown in six inches of water, or attempt to go down a waterslide that was too big for him. Even though he wore a life jacket, I followed him (almost) everywhere that first year. Adam was more self-sufficient then, but even at 4 1/2, I worried about him too. It's a world of difference between then and now. I was able to drink a cocktail while the boys played, and could even have a conversation with my friend Holly without worrying every second. It's great when you can go on a trip and have just as much fun as your kids. Even better when EVERYONE sleeps until almost 9 a.m.! So anyhow, it's hard to imagine it when you're just trying to get through every day (some that feel like an eternity), but you'll be here before you know it!