Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 33

I am tired. I am huge. I am ready for the baby to be born. I am not ready for the baby to be born. It is a mixed bag over here.

I was pretty energetic during the first few days of our trip to the cabin, and then all of a sudden my body remembered I was pregnant. A canoeing day trip and two short hikes did me right in. I decided I better take it slow for the remainder of the trip. Although, I have to say, my back felt better than it has in weeks, so maybe keeping it loose is the answer.

At my last appointment, the baby was head down, but I have been experiencing some of those lovely cervical kicks the past few days, so maybe it has moved, or maybe it is just punching me, I don't know. I didn't have those with Clare, and all I can say is OUCH. They hurt.

I don't think this baby is as active as Clare was, but maybe it is just that I am more active this time. When I was pregnant with Clare I was sitting at a desk five days a week and commuting an hour a day, not chasing a very energetic (and somewhat bratty) 2-year-old around the park.

When I was pregnant with Clare,  I went on a Harry Potter kick. All I wanted to do was reread Harry Potter - I had no interest in reading anything else. This time it is Jane Austen. I have been rereading my favorite Austen novels and watching my various Austen DVDs. Oh, and my sister and I went to see Pride and Prejudice at the Guthrie. I didn't think Pete Campbell could pull off Mr. Darcy, but he did.

My goal for this week: finally set up the baby's room. It is still not unpacked. It also occurred to me that it might be a good idea to have a diaper changing station downstairs as well so I don't have to constantly walk up and down the stairs to change the baby. I know! I am a genius. Because duh.

Ben and I finally had a real discussion about names. (Sidebar: before our discussion, every time I mentioned the topic he would insist that we name the baby George. He doesn't really like this name, he was just trying to irritate me. Well, you can imagine his glee when the royal baby was named George. Sigh.) Anyway, I don't really have a favorite of the names we picked out. I like them all, but I am not super excited about any of them. Anyone have any cute name ideas they'd like to share? Maybe I should be one of those people who puts a poll on Facebook and decides on the name that way. Or not.

So in summary, 33 weeks: tired, fat, not ready, ready. Oh, and Ben thinks I am going to walk around the State Fair in a few weeks. HAHAHAHA. Ha. I would like someone to bring me a Pronto Pup and some Sweet Martha's Cookies, though. I'll be here on the couch watching Sense and Sensibility for the 50th time.


  1. Oh, Em. I'm sorry you're so exhausted (and NOT fat!). It's so hard near the end, especially with a toddler. I remember the first pregnancy just lying around and watching movies - the luxury!! But with a toddler, you have to keep up and bend over and sit on the floor... But it will be over soon, and while you'll be tired from the new baby, at least you'll be able to bend over much, much easier. :)

    I can't believe you never had cervical kicks with Clare! And I'm sorry you're having them now. They are lovely, lovely things. Makes walking around a TREAT.

    As you saw, we set up the pack and play as our downstairs changing station, so maybe something like that will work for you, too? Then we'll use it to block the stairs when the munchkin starts crawling.

    Hang in there lady. I can't believe you're just 7 (or 5 or 6 or 8) weeks away! SQUEE!

  2. Also, if you have a girl and name her Zoey, I have some white Pottery Barn letters you can have to hang on her wall. :)

  3. Either inspiration or a list of names to avoid depending on whether you think an unusual name is a pro or a con...

  4. It's fun when you're in the final stretch of your last trimester, isn't it?! At least, when the baby is jabbing and kicking you to the point of discomfort, you know he/she is growing stronger every day, preparing to launch into the bright white lights and cold air of a whole new world. And you're that much closer to holding your BABY instead of holding your BELLY!!

    Our "changing station" downstairs was a basket of diapers, wipes, lotion and cream on a little end table. (It's still there, two kids and a billion diaper changes later.) I wound up changing the boys on a changing pad on our couch when they were really little, and later on the living room rug when they needed more room.

    I still like the name Noah for a boy. And Aaron loves the name Bree (Brianne) for a girl. Feel free to use either of those. :) (If we ever have a third, we've amazingly locked in on a girl and boy name already!!)

    Within the past three years, our friends or family have named their little ones Lily, Payton, Kenley, Easton, Evan, Madden, Sofia, Reese, Ellena, Chloe, Stella, Fiona, Adelyn, Josie, Jacob, Ian, Ava, Allie, Teagan, and Chet. (And of course, Maisy and Ruby!!) Does that help at all!?! GOOD LUCK!

  5. Check out the sibling names for Clare, according to The Baby Name Wizard. These are names that sound good with Clare.