Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week 30

I've had a lot of people ask me when I am due, and when I tell them the date (October 2), their eyes immediately look at my stomach and then back at me, with some disbelief. I don't think I am that big, but it is all just right out in front. On the bright side, the receptionist at my clinic told me I didn't look pregnant until I turned to the side, so I felt good about that.

The Baby: Is nearly 3 pounds, the size of a large cabbage. Speaking of cabbage, I tried to make coleslaw from the cabbage we received as part of our CSA, and it did not turn out at all. I hate it when that happens. Ben still gamely ate it, though, like he does every recipe I make that doesn't turn out. Luckily, there aren't that many of them. 

Weight gain: About 16 pounds, same as last time I updated here.

I’m Feeling: My back really, really hurts. And it is not pregnancy pain, it is an injury of some kind. I thought it was just a strained muscle, but it keeps getting worse. I am hoping for a call back from my doctor tomorrow with a referral to a physical therapist. Otherwise I feel fine, though. Just tired, but what. is. new.

Cravings/Aversions: Ice cream! I want all of it.

What I'm enjoying: Clare started swimming lessons this week, and it has been really fun. She loves being in the water, and so do I. We practice floating and jumping in and blowing bubbles. She cried today when it was time to go home. 

What I'm worrying about: I had my glucose screening and failed. I had to go back for the 3 hour test, which was not a huge treat. (Although I did get to sit and read magazines for 3 hours, so despite having my blood drawn four times and having to drink the drink again, I guess it wasn't the worst thing ever.) Anyway, I spent the next few days worrying while I waited for my results. I looked up all sorts of information about gestational diabetes. This turned out to be a huge waste of time because I passed.

A more current worry, or thought: labor.  More specifically, do I want to try to do any thing differently this time. I am seriously considering a water birth, which Ben thinks is crazy, but he doesn't get a say. My midwife actually suggested it as a way to avoid medication. I am torn as to whether I want to do that, or just say screw it, get the epidural, and hope for the best.

Movement: We're at that stage where the baby is rolling in there. We see an elbow or a knee here and there. It is kind of awesome.

Clare: My midwife made some suggestions on how to handle Clare's visit to the hospital to meet the baby. Her thoughts: Clare should give the baby a present, the baby should give Clare a present, the baby should be in the nursery when Clare gets there and then we should all go get the baby together, and her visit should be short. Any advice from those who've done this before would be appreciated! I want to make Clare as much a part of this whole thing as possible.


  1. Labor: I will say what I say to everyone. You are your own individual birthing snowflake, so no matter how you decide to labor (and/or if you change your mind in the middle of it), it's the right way for you. I think if you're "strongly considering" a water birth, go for it! You can always get out, dry off and get an epidural if it ends up not being for you.

    Or hey, maybe your labor will be 15 minutes, and you won't even have time to think about it! I've heard that can happen.

    Jon went to pick up Mason and his mom to bring them to the hospital. I had the baby in the room. Jon's mom waited outside while Jon brought Mason in so we could have our own family moment. After hugs and a few minutes of introduction, Amy came in, too. Maisy also was thoughtful enough to buy Mason a present. And a few visitors who came earlier also brought him presents, so he had those to open too. It went fine. He got antsy after about 20 minutes, so then they went back home. No bigs, really.

    I think once you get home it'll be easier to make Clare a part of the process. Mason is a huge helper, grabbing diapers, throwing diapers away, getting me burp cloths, etc. I can see Clare loving to help, too.

  2. I had to laugh at your last sentence about the glucose test. :)

    If you are strongly considering a water birth, we should talk! Or talk again. A. is right of course, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing it. If and when I have another child... it will definitely be my plan.

  3. Whatever you decide to do, I'll back you 100 percent. Epidural, water birth, home birth ... and I promise not to say "Well, I did it this way" because I agree with A, each birth is like a snowflake — totally unique.

    Did I tell you I think you're having another girl?

    I also failed the first glucose test and had to do the three-hour fasting test, then passed. Once I got my results, I immediately ordered a giant cookie from the cafeteria (the lab where they did my blood draw was at a nearby hospital). I was so happy that I didn't have diabetes that I thought I should celebrate with, what else? SUGAR!!! (Because that makes perfect sense, right?) I'm glad you passed.

    I love the photos of your new home, and I love that it feels like home and you can picture your kids growing up there. I can't wait to see it.