Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 22

We closed on our house yesterday! I am very excited. And stressed. And excited. We spoke a bit with the previous homeowners, who had nothing but positive things to say about the neighborhood and the house. One thing that I was thrilled to hear is that there are 24(!) kids on the block. Also, we are only the fourth owners of the house. It was built in 1927, so I think that is kind of amazing. 

The Baby: Is almost 11 inches long and weighs about a pound. The internet compares it to a spaghetti squash, but I think those are a bit bigger than that, aren't they?

Weight gain: Not sure, but it is all in the belly, so I am happy about that. I have a doctor's appointment on Friday, so I'll find out then.

I’m Feeling: I am starting to get achy in my hips, and the ligament pain is kicking in. My back is a bit sore by the end of the day, but nothing too bad. I REALLY need to start doing yoga again! Also, I can't wait to start sleeping on my new mattress.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing in particular this week, but I am quite hungry. Maybe the baby is going through a growth spurt. (Either that or I am.)

What I'm enjoying:  Planning where everything will go in my new house.

What I'm worrying about: Where everything will go in my new house. Also: money. Closing is kind of scary. I am trying to think of it as monopoly money. Good plan, right?

Movement: The baby is MUCH more active now. (Or at least I am feeling it much more now.) It moves quite a bit after I eat and when I lie still. In fact, as I type this it is doing some acrobatics. Ben still hasn't been able to feel it from the outside, but hopefully he will soon. Despite all of the annoying things about pregnancy, I have to say I love feeling the baby move, and I am glad I get to have the experience. I know I am much more connected to this baby than Ben is. (I also know that will change seconds after it is born, if his bonding with Clare is any indication.)

Clare: Clare has been taking care of her baby a lot. I hope she'll keep it up in the fall, when she can "help" me with the baby. Right now, though, we haven't been talking much about the baby. We've been prepping her for the move to her "own" house instead. I think she is excited. 

I am going to the Brewers/Twins game tonight. Clare shows her allegiance to the proper team below:

Eh, who are we kidding. They are both terrible this year. Go Brewers AND Twins! You both need a win.


  1. Congrats on a smooth closing process!!! I can't wait to see your new house, once you get settled in & figure out where everything will go. And how AWESOME that there are 24 kids in the neighborhood. You (and Clare) will make friends in no time.

  2. That picture of Clare is too cute.