Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 17

The Baby: Is about the size of a turnip, whatever that means.

Weight gain: Um. I don't know, actually. I haven't weighed myself since my appointment a week and a half ago. I don't think I'll bother.

I’m Feeling: Pretty good, but really out of shape. I don't know if I can legitimately blame this on the pregnancy, or if I am in fact just out of shape. I've started exercising again, though, and I hope (pray? beg?) that the snow will FINALLY be gone for good next week and Clare and I can start getting out for walks every day. But boy, do I get out of breath carrying Clare up the stairs. In my defense, though, she does weigh nearly 30 pounds.

Cravings/Aversions: Still need that Reuben. And yes, Willikat, I would SO be up for a lunch date at Cecil's!! (Which, I might add, is only a few miles from our new house! Reubens every day! Okay, maybe not.)

What I'm enjoying:  Seeing friends! Also, although I was just complaining about how stressed I am about the move, I am having fun looking at furniture and planning where to put things in our new house. I am also very excited for this weekend, when my parents are coming to visit and my mom, sister and I are having a girls' night out. Nails, drinks at Moscow on the Hill, and dinner at Heartland are all part of the plan. Obviously, I am not drinking at Moscow on the Hill. Those lucky ladies have a designated driver. Hopefully they say something funny that I can tease them about later.

What I'm worrying about: Two weeks ago I was worrying about the baby, and whether or not it is okay. Well, I had an appointment last week and everything was fine. The heartbeat was strong. I had the Quad screen done, which came back negative for any problems. This week? I am still worrying about the baby. Bah.

Also, we have the inspection of our house today. I hope nothing too terrible shows up. Then we'll be back at square one, and I don't think I can handle that.  (I should really probably stop calling it our house, since we don't actually close until May 28. It is not our house yet.)

Movement: I think I felt something? Maybe?

Clare: Clare has some anxiety about babies. She completely lost it when she saw me holding a friend's baby. She has taken to crawling around the house saying "baby, baby." When she sees other babies being held, she insists that I hold her like a baby and rock her. It almost seems like she is trying to show me that she is still my baby. I am taking a break from mentioning anything about the new baby to her. After all, we still have weeks, nay months, until the little one arrives. Plenty of time for her to get used to the idea, if she ever does.

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  1. You wouldn't be Emily if you weren't worrying, right?! ;)

    Have fun this weekend!! I've heard nothing but rave reviews about Heartland.

    Clare will love her baby brother or sister, but you're right ... why bring it up until you have to? Her world will change soon enough (for the better! She'll have a built-in playmate!)