Tuesday, April 9, 2013

22 Months (and a few days)

Our last photo shoot in Clare's first home. Sniff.
Well. This post is a few days late because of this whole moving thing that happened. Is happening. What have you. Most of our stuff is in storage. We are settled at Ben's parents's house. Now we need to find our own house. No biggie.

Anyway, Clare! Clare is 22 months old. She does not want to cooperate with these photos anymore.

She spent her last day at daycare last Thursday. There were many tears shed when we left. Not by Clare -  she didn't understand why we weren't leaving immediately, like we normally do. She did happily give hugs to all of the teachers, and all of the other little girls in her class. (The boys were too busy running around and being crazy to care about hugs.) Those little girls hugging each other was possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Clare's vocabulary continues to grow, and she loves to narrate, well, everything. "Sit. Book. Milk." Yes, okay. She also likes to inform me whether or not things are on or off or hot or cold. She is starting to put together two-word sentences. "One more" is a particular favorite right now.  She also says "Robby bubbles." My brother is her hero ever since he blew bubbles (her most favorite thing in the world) with her on Easter. She is learning more names, and can correctly identify family friend Ruth and Aunt "Kakie" in pictures and in person. In fact, when my phone rings Clare yells "Kakie!" She is usually right. She can also correctly describe things as blue or purple.

Her other favorite hobby is cleaning. I do not intend to discourage this. In fact, she'll sit in her high chair for an hour after a meal, as long as I keep up a steady supply of dirty dishes for her to "wash." It is also important to her that things are put back where they are supposed to be, doors are shut, and cabinets are closed. She did not get this fastidiousness from me. Just saying.

She likes to point out objects that are Clare's, Mommy's, Daddy's, Jo's, Baba's, etc. Her memory is definitely improving - today I told her we were going upstairs to look for her shoes, and she told me they were actually in her room. (Okay, she yelled "Room!") She was right.

I think Clare is doing okay with the whole moving thing. She has gotten lots of quality time with all four of her grandparents. Her crib and her Clare chair are here. And of course, most importantly, all three of us are together again.

Please do not disrupt my cleaning.
Decorating Easter eggs with Grandma Jo.

The bubble hero and Aunt Andri.

Finding out what is happening in Kim Kardashian's life.
In her Easter dress, complete with strawberry stain.

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  1. Ahhh! Look at that Easter dress!! Adorable! You have such a cute daughter. :)

    Love the visual of Clare hugging her little friends goodbye. That is so sweet.

    When are we getting together??? Soon, please!