Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Random Bits and Pieces: October

Happy Halloween! Clare dressed as a strawberry this year. She looked adorable, of course. I had big plans to take all sorts of pictures of her at the Halloween at the Zoo event on Sunday, but then I went to the Packer game instead. All well. It was my first game at Lambeau Field, I couldn’t turn down that ticket! It was a blast, although many of the people around me were much louder and drunker than I was. I am okay with that. And the Packers won, even though they looked bad. Yay.


Clare did get to wear her costume a few other times, though. We went to two Halloween parties at her daycare center. At one of the parties, she got to eat an Oreo, which of course was the highlight of her life so far. She also went trick or treating at Grandma Jo’s and Babba’s (her word for Grandpa). She definitely enjoyed the chocolate she got there - at least the chocolate that made it into her mouth. (The rest was on her face.) She also discovered the jar of M&Ms I have out in our house. I let her have one, and she has not forgotten. She begs for one every time we walk past the jar. She hasn’t received a second one, because I realized they are probably kind of a choking hazard. Oops.  Luckily I will be putting that away with the Halloween decorations, so it will be out of her sight.

"Where's my candy?"

"I said, where's my candy, woman?"

After-candy. Also after a change of pants thanks to diaper leakage.

Those of you with small children: did you children ever go through a phase where they seem to eat absolutely nothing? (Besides Oreos, of course.) Clare is not eating much these days. She is still (ALERT: TMI AHEAD) pooping regularly, and doesn’t seem to be losing weight, so I think she is okay? I don’t know. She has had a cold for about three weeks, but her appetite has only been affected the last few days ago. Any advice will be appreciated.


I had to post some pictures of Clare in this adorable coat  and hat she got from my friend Chelsea. I wouldn’t mind wearing this coat myself, actually. Also: obligatory comment about time flying – can you believe it is the end of October already! What? How?


  1. too much adorableness in those pictures. :)

  2. Eating my first Oreo is the highlight of my life so far too.

  3. I've read that you should look at what a child eats over the course of an entire week, not just day by day, because each day can vary so much. And it's perfectly normal for them to eat next to nothing, especially if colds and teething are involved. But, I'm the mother of the kid who eats maybe 8 things total, and would much rather play than eat any day, so I've learned not to let it bother me (too much).

    And the COLDS. Why are they lasting FOREVER?? Mason's had one on and off for the last 6 weeks. Poor bugger.

    Clare is darling as usual. And glad you got to see your first game at Lambeau - that's awesome!!

  4. Ahh! That costume (and the kid in the costume) is adorable! Did someone make that for her? I love that photo of the two of you. Emily, you look gorgeous!

    Honestly, I think most toddlers go on a food strike. I know Adam did, and Ben is a lot more particular about what he eats now, too. (stinkers) Clare will come back around.

    LOVE that coat from Chelsea!! I bet she'll be able to wear it next year, too. :)

  5. Oh man, that strawberry costume is ridiculously cute (as is the girl inside it).

    Every parent I know complains about toddlers not eating enough. Alex survived on, like, a chicken nugget and a handful of Goldfish when she was about that age, or a little older, now that I think of it. Either way, she ate like a bird.