Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dance, Dance, DANCE

Has anybody seen the show Dinosaur Train on PBS? We watch it once in awhile, because it airs just before Sesame Street. It is kind of a strange little show, but I have learned a lot about various species of dinosaurs. I don’t think Clare has learned anything, other than that she likes colorful cartoons. Anyway, last week there was an episode that featured Mrs. Pteranodon (the mother in the family, whose name would be the equivalent to me being named Mrs. Human, but ANYWAY), singing a song about how she would always be her childrens’ mom, no matter how old the were, or how many miles away they lived, it would never change the fact that she was their mom. I just SOBBED. It’s crazy, isn’t it? A children’s cartoon is reducing me to tears.  It’s just, I started thinking about how I’ll always be Clare’s mom, and that made me so happy. And then I started thinking about how one day she might move miles and miles away from me, and that made me so sad. I don’t know. Motherhood has turned me into an emotional wreck.  (Although, when Clare hits her teenage years maybe I won't hate the idea of her moving miles and miles away? You never know.)

We went to a wedding last weekend in Willmar, Minnesota. I have never been out that far west on Highway 12 before, and it was interesting driving through all of the small towns. Of course, they didn't look much different from the Wisconsin small town where I live, except for perhaps fewer bars? There were lots of Dairy Queens, though, and some beautiful lake country. On Sunday, Ben informed me that we had driven through the town with the largest ball of twine in the world! (It’s true!) I was so disappointed that I didn’t know this then. I would have stopped! How often do you get to see something like that? Not that often.

The wedding was for Ben’s aunt, and she looked beautiful. During the ceremony, Clare applauded after all of the music. I eventually had to take her out because she was making too much noise, but she enjoyed herself while it lasted. And at the reception, she was ready to dance - not quite as energetically as some of her second cousins, but she has some moves. Sort of.

Yeah, she was out before her head hit the carseat on the drive home.


  1. What a cute video! She seems mesmerized by the lights.

    I was a crier before becoming a mom, but now I cry at everything, no matter how trivial. And then great things like Parenthood just make me weep!

    A woman here at work said that for a couple years of her daughter's teenage time, she understood why animals in the wild eat their young. It was rough. However, her daughter is about to go to college and she can see a time when they'll go out for lunch or a glass of wine and be FRIENDS.

    You spend more time in your life (hopefully) relating to your children as adults. And I think that will be great.

  2. Thank you for posting that video. Made my whole day!!

    I had an emotional panic attack like that recently too ... only mine was more like, "My kids are growing up. Soon enough they won't be little anymore. Am I appreciating this stage of their lives like I should be? Am I taking it all in? What if we decide not to have any more babies? What if that newborn/infant stage passed me by and I didn't cherish every second?"
    It hit me pretty hard.

    We watch Dinosaur Train, too. I like the beginning, when the big dinosaur egg somehow winds up in Mrs. Pteranodon's nest. After he hatches he asks, "What am I doin’ in a Pteranodon nest?" and she answers, "This is your family and I’m your mom.
    You may be different, but we’re all creatures,
    all dinosaurs have different features." Good lesson for the kids!

  3. Ugh, I'm not even a mom yet and I cry at everything, I even teared up at you TALKING about CRYING.

    I remember my sister saying about the teen years (the part that I'm actually afraid to parent): "One of us is going to survive, but I'm not sure which one."

    In the meantime, though, you have Claire dancing. And oh, that is so sweet.

  4. Next time I see Clare I'm going to teach her how to nod her head like "yeah."

  5. Very cute video! But don't take the biggest ball of twine title from Kansas! It might be the only thing Kansas has got! :-)

  6. But Miley Cyrus? No wonder her dancing wasn't inspired.