Thursday, June 21, 2012

Matters of the Heart and Other Random Things

Clare had her 1-year check-up yesterday. During the visit, the doctor asked me, “Have I ever said anything to you about Clare having a heart murmur?” Um, no. She heard a slight murmur, and wants Clare to have an ultrasound to make sure everything is normal. She made it VERY CLEAR that this is very common, and in all likelihood she is FINE and that I am NOT to worry about it. So of course I have been worrying about it ever since. I don’t want to hear that my baby has a heart murmur! I want to hear that she is perfect in every way. She doesn’t go in for the Echo until July 11, so I am trying hard not to obssess about it. I did stand over her crib for several minutes listening to her breathe last night, though. I am not crazy or anything!

The good news is the rest of the check up went well, aside from those nasty shots, which she held against Ben for awhile because he was down by her legs when they were given to her. She was NOT happy with him. She has not grown much since her last appointment – she is a mere 20 pounds and 30 inches long – which is 33rd percentile for weight and 67th percentile for length. She has a big head, though. 91st percentile there. No baseball caps for her! (I have a large head myself, and look ridiculous in ball caps.) ANYWAY. The doctor said she is growing just fine.

Last weekend we went to Duluth for Grandma’s Marathon. (My heart goes out to that town now, dealing with that awful flooding - especially to my sister and brother-in-law, whose car may or may not be underwater right now.) Ben ran the FULL MARATHON, because he is a crazy person. Clare found it to be a great location for napping.

Race? What race?
My sister ran the half – they both did a great job. It is so interesting to watch those races – some people look like they are just out for a jog, while others look like they are about to collapse in a heap of sweat and tears. One of my goals in life is to never run a marathon – so hey, I’ve accomplished it. I do admire those that can do it, though.

Note Ben's grimace. Katie looks fine.
On Sunday we went to watch the Brewers play the Twins at Target Field in Minneapolis. It rained. The whole time I was wondering why they didn’t put a roof on that stadium. Target Field is quite nice, though, on a sunny day.

Clare has her own homemade poncho. Appropriate, yes?
Even though Ben had to stand under the upperdeck with Clare for most of the game (she took a nap, of course), it was still a lovely Father’s Day weekend. And Clare even reached another important milestone: eating her first deep fried cheese curds. She loved them, of course. But who wouldn’t?

I do not know what is happening here.


  1. Emily - I am sure Clare is fine!!! And lots of people have heart murmurs and are perfectly fine (ie. Mom). So try not to worry. (I know that's easier said than done).

    Also, in fairness to Ben, I had been done running for a while and he had just finished when that picture was taken :).

  2. I have a heart murmur, Emily, and I forget about it unless I need to have dental work done, in which case I have to take an antibiotic. No biggie ... but I know that telling you not to worry is like telling the sun not to rise, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that you are able to get through the next few weeks without TOO much anxiety. (I went through a similar situation when I got a call last year from Ben's doc that he tested high for lead in his blood. First mistake was that I Googled "lead poisoning and babies" and omg. Brain damage?! What?? So I can relate to the worrying.)

    Isn't it inspiring watching those distance races? I laughed out loud at your marathon goal. Way to go, Emily!!

    The Target poncho is tres chic. Clare is such a cutie, she looks cute in anything (even a plastic bag). ;)

  3. I also have a heart murmur - apparently these things are pretty common! It has only ever come up on the two occasions I've had to have a general anaesthetic. And well done to Ben for finishing the marathon! Brilliant!

  4. I found out as an adult that I have a heart murmur - it's an innocent heart murmur meaning there are no real issues. If Clare had serious issues, you'd see manifestations already. She's a healthy, active kid.

  5. Oh man, Em. I'm sorry to hear that about Clare's heart. But hey, if Chrissy has one, that can only mean having a heart murmur means you turn out to be one of the kindest, most fun people on earth. So, lucky Clare! :)

    I have the same goal about marathons! And while it's hard NOT to run 26 miles, I think I'm going to be able to do it.

  6. Oh, I'm sorry that you had to hear that about Clare, but I know things will be fine. I too think you would have seen problems before now if it was the kind that were to cause problems. I'm not going to even bother to tell you not to worry, though.

    Also, I think that you, Amanda, and I should have a Not Running Club. If all those runners get to have a club, we non-runners have to stand in solidarity against running 26 miles!