Sunday, June 17, 2012


For the first hour or so of Clare's life, she and Ben snuggled in a hospital chair. Clare slept. I think Ben dozed a bit himself.

 It seems to have created a special bond - a common activity they both enjoy.

 Sometimes the cat joins in.

 I mean, really. Who needs a bed when you've got Daddy?

All the napping aside, Clare adores her Daddy. Sometimes, during the day, she'll look over at the front door. "Dada?" She asks. I explain to her that he is at work. She goes back to playing. As soon as he gets home, though, she lights up like a million bazillion Christmas trees.

I know if she could, she would say thanks for being the best dad a girl could ask for. Since she can't, I'll say it for her: Ben, you rock. Happy Father's Day!


  1. Just how many pictures have you taken of Clare sleeping? :)

    it's so sweet that Clare looks for her daddy during the day.

  2. Daddy's girl ... so sweet.
    Maybe she's doing all that sleeping to conserve energy, so that someday she can run a marathon with her dad!

  3. Ack, as a Daddy's Girl who also napped with her dad a lot, I can actually identify with this post! I used to fall asleep next to him on the couch watching TV all the time when I was little. Then when he'd try to wake me up to take me to bed, I'd fake being asleep so he'd carry me and tuck me in. Good memories. Dads are so important! Thanks, Ben, for being a good daddy!