Monday, April 2, 2012

Fever and Ear Infections and Separation Anxiety OH MY

Ugh. It has been a week. Yes, it is only Monday, but I am talking about last week. I am not ready to think about this week yet. What? It has already started? Well, too bad. I am still on last week over here.

We had dinner with my dad last Sunday night. When we got there, Clare burst into tears every time she saw him for the first two hours of the visit. By the end, she was fine, happily showing him the tupperware she was playing with and using his head as a drum. On Wednesday, we went to visit my grandparents. Clare clung to my chest and refused to be put on the floor for the first hour of the visit. On Friday, we drove to the Twin Cities to visit Clare's grandparents. She gave Grandma a brief smile, and then clung to me while giving Grandpa a vary wary look, despite being interested in his moustache. So, we have a pattern. The separation anxiety has begun.

Oh, and did I mention she had a fever of 104 degrees on Thursday night? A trip to urgent care confirmed a high fever and double ear infection. The poor thing. She was just not herself at all. I am guessing this illness did not help the little one cope with her separation anxiety any better. She has been quite cranky as a result. (She seemed better Friday, which is why we still made the trip.)

Clare and Daddy at urgent care.
Then last night, she developed a rash. I, of course, panicked, assuming the worst: ALLERGIC REACTION! This caused me to hover over her in her crib for minutes at a time counting her breaths, and wake every hour or so to make sure she was still breathing. Overreaction? Maybe. Anyway, I called the doctor this morning and they said it was just because of the fever. Nothing to worry about.

On the bright side, we had a lovely dinner on Saturday night to celebrate Ben's brother's recent engagement. Clare was in bed, so I could actually enjoy my food and participate in the conversation. What a novel thing! I had TWO glasses of wine. And, on Saturday Mommy and Clare had a playdate with some of my dearest friends - and three babies who were also born last spring and summer. It was so fun to watch them together - laughing, crawling around, pushing each other out of the way (Alice), taking toys right out of each other's hands (Clare), trying to kiss the other babies (Will), and falling asleep in the middle of the all of the toys (Carter). It was great to see my girls, too. I need way more (adult) girl time than I currently get.

We took a picture, but unfortunately did not do so before they started melting down:

Clare, Carter, Alice, and Will.

The best part was right after this was snapped, Clare, Alice and Will immediately crawled towards their moms, crying. Carter just sat there sucking his thumb, wondering what all the commotion was about. What an easy going guy.

I do hope these kiddos can play together somewhat frequently - Clare doesn't have any first cousins. Also, I have some lifelong friends (Rae Lane Gang!) that I treasure. I want that for Clare, too.

Well, I guess despite the fever, ear infection and separation anxiety, last week wasn't so awful after all.


  1. I've discovered kids are rashy. Mason's had bumps somewhere on his body for months now. When they first came, I looked up rashes and of ALL THE RASHES there are (many, many), there's like only one that's worrisome. Since I'm allergic to scents and lotions and dogs and whatnot, and those things can cause me to itch, I figure he's got sensitive skin too.

    Same goes for the rapid breathing. It's so worrisome, but it just pairs with a fever and is really no big deal. (These things I discover after two years...Kids. Sigh.)

  2. Poor Clare. I'm glad she was feeling better for the weekend festivities. Looks like you had a great time with your girls and their kids!! Isn't it fun getting the little ones together and watching their personalities start to show, even at this young age? Remind me again, which baby belongs to which mama? (Other than Clare, of course. I know she belongs to Emily.) ;)

  3. You need to speak to Rob and Andri and Katie and Andrew about the need for cousins. :)

  4. CMS - Will is Jessie's, Alice is Jessica's, and Carter is John and Mandy's.

    A. - It is amazing what you learn along the way, isn't it? I will definitely be a lot calmer next time I see a rash now.

    Great Auntie K - I am sure they would love that. :)

  5. Is she feeling better now? Did she enjoy her first Easter?