Thursday, September 1, 2011

Clare's First Day

It was almost as if she knew it was the night before her first day at daycare. Clare slept the way I always slept the night before my first day of school - fitfully. Each time she woke up, she was happy...just grinning up at me from her crib.

I was less happy. I wanted to practice my morning routine, so I set my alarm for 5:45. After a 3 a.m. feeding, the alarm went off way to soon. I got ready, but when it was time for Clare to wake up, she wasn't having it. I think she will be a difficult one to get up for school someday.

I took her to daycare, where we met Annette, one of the teachers in her room. She showed me around.  I tried to make myself get Clare out of her carseat and leave, but I kept thinking of reasons to stay. More questions, more things to put away. Finally, I handed Clare off. As I left, I saw her grinning up at Annette. Of course, Annette has glasses, one of Clare's favorite things. I cried the whole way home.

I spent the day shopping and spa-ing. And worrying, worrying, worrying. Even at the Spa, I couldn't put my phone down. Luckily, I didn't ruin my nails. (Yet.)

And my toes match!
When I went to pick Clare up, she was busy eating. She looked at me, and kept eating. Annette informed me that Clare was an easy baby. She spent the day smiling at everyone. When she got tired, Annette put her in her crib, and she put herself to sleep. Wait. What? She never does that for me! If she is not all the way out when I put her down, those little eyes pop open and she won't go to sleep until I rock her. (I know, I know - bad habit that I need to correct soon.) Well, I was relieved. I am glad Clare enjoyed her day and wasn't upset to be away from home and Mom.

Then we got home, and I got this:

Life iz hard.
Sigh. And yet - I couldn't be happier. And now I have to go, I hear Clare calling for me, in her adorable "annoyed" voice.


  1. You did it! That's gotta be the worst, that first day.
    I think it was smart to hang at the spa and treat yourself a bit...otherwise you would have been worrying and pacing the floorboards. Your mani looks awesome! :)

  2. I did the same thing. Dropped him off for his first day and cleaned and treated myself. It was a great way to ease into going back to work.

    The deal of them being lovely at daycare and crabby when they get home definitely becomes routine. They know whose buttons they can push, plus daycare tires them out!

    Congrats on getting to this point - you've done so great this summer Em!

  3. I should've known Clare would be a perfect, easy baby at daycare. She seems so easygoing and mellow ... such a little angel.And justlikethat she'll be 5 and you'll be tearing up as you drop her off for her first day of kindergarten. It might seem like light years away now, but it's funny (scary??) how time has a way of speeding up once you have kids.

    I LOVE your mani. That color is gorgeous!!! (And perfect for fall.)

    Speaking from experience, I'd rather have my kid act lovely at daycare and crabby at home than crabby at daycare (and crabby at home).